What to Do When You Don't Have Room For A Bedside Table

Truth time: the first thing I did when I realized that NO bedside table would work in our tiny bedroom was panic. Well, maybe not so much panic as get angry. And by "get angry" I actually mean let loose with a curse buffet that probably would have made Andrew Dice Clay blush. 

But then I did some meditations (i.e. watch 2 back to back eps of The Bachelor), and I decided I needed to stop dropping f bombs, and just figure this ish out. 

What I quickly realized is this: searching around for "bedside tables" was doing me nothing. Even "tiny bedside tables" wasn't helping. So I switched gears, got creative, and opened up a whole new world of bedside table options that I didn't even know existed. 

Ready to play along? 

Cool...but first you have to measure the space you have. I know it makes you sad when you see that tiny number, but you can't look at any of this stuff until you know what you're dealing with (for the record, I was dealing with about 12 inches). 

Here are some really cool alternatives to traditional bedside tables I'm about to lay on your face: 


This little number is meant for a tiny kitchen, but we don't care WHAT it's meant for, amirite!? This kitchen cabinet would make a killer bedside table. I kind of love that it has that pull out shelf thing, so that you can hide anything you need to hide, like dirty magazines, your weed supplies, or an old stuffed animal. Please tell me you don't have any stuffed animals on your bed. If so, you need one of these immediately. 

SAIC Cache Storage Cabinet, CB2, $339


I'm a serial plant murderer, so I would never actually get one of these things for a plant. But plant stands are a great option for especially narrow spaces. You won't be able to fit much on one of these, but at least you'll have a spot for your Us Weekly or Starbucks Latte Macchiato (have you tried these, ppl!? They are like magic and unicorns and puppy dog tails). 

Melanie Plant Stand, Urban Outfitters, $99


These pedestals are typically used for sculptures, but I've got pedestals on each side of our bed as a makeshift bedside table. I happened to find 2 vintage mirrored ones at a thrift store near me here in LA, but this mamma jamma is just as nice. 

Espresso Pedestal with Mirror, Overstock, $189.99


This one is slightly wider, so you need a smidge more room, but drum tables come in all sorts of widths. If you like the look and don't have enough space, you can definitely find a narrower one (like this one, this one, or this one). 

This one would look seriously sexy in a bachelor pad. 

Black and Gold Drum Table, Overstock, $160


stoool info here


I love this option for those of you that have a lower platform bed with some space underneath. This would allow you to stow the table and use it kind of like a desk from middle school. If you don't have space underneath your bed, you could still use it like you would a standard bedside table. 

Parsons C-Table, Pier One, $109


Though the top surface is small, this chubby elephant would make a fab bedside table to stack some books or magazines on. Or ok, boxes of mallomar cookies too.  

Ede Garden Stool, Wayfair, $126


Ok, stick with me here for a sec, cause I know this one is weird. But I actually did this in my own bedroom with a vintage rattan coat hook rack, and I lovvvvve it. If you don't have enough space width wise (or even if you have NO space width wise), you can mount one of these racks/shelves to your wall. You can use the top shelf part as a bedside table for small items, and then hang things on the hooks like headphones, charging cables, eyeglasses, etc. 

Classic Shelf with Hooks, Pottery Barn Kids, $99



If you have a reaaaaaaly tiny space and your bed is against a wall, you might want to consider a corner shelf. This would give you enough room for a small glass of water, a bud vase or a little candle. And maybe like one very small vibrator :)

Threshold Corner Shelf, Target, $14.99

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