An Easy Boho DIY Wall Hanging

Fast, easy DIY wall hanging project
Fast, easy DIY wall hanging project

Do you know how to braid? Tie a knot? Wrap yarn around a piece of cardboard? Use a pair of scissors. If you answered yes to any of these questions, then I have delightful news for you: you too can make one of these bomb ass, easy peasy, wall hangings!

And trust: this one is a serious showstopper.

I know this shit looks super complicated, but I pinky swear it's so not. And this is really the perfect solution for that large, or oddly shaped big space that you need to fill in your home. Cause have you ever tried to buy a giant piece of art? That stuff costs like a million dollars. You can make this in any size, with any yarn, in one thousand, two hundred and forty-six interesting different ways. If you are the worst DIYer on the planet, who has screwed up every DIY thing you've ever made, you can STILL make one of these and have it look great.


+  Either a branch, a stick, or some other solid base from the wall hanging to hang from. If you have a flower district, or floral supply store in your area, you can almost always find cool branches there. I purchased my branch at MOSKATEL'S in downtown LA (which is kind of like a Michael's if Michael's was on acid, at Burning Man, during a lunar eclipse).

+ A crapload of yarn. It's hard to say exactly how much as your wall hanging is probably going to be way different than my wall hanging. I think I purchased around 15-20 skeins of yarn, and I'll probably be returning 5. However, this also depends on how big each skein is, how full and fluffy you want your wall hanging to look, whether or not you've eaten a pot brownie before you start making your wall hanging, etc. My advice would be: err on the side of buying more yarn than you think you'll need, and then return anything you don't use. ANOTHER NOTE: you can, of course, choose whatever colors/textures you'd like here. I went for all one color yarn with different textures, and I'm super happy with how that turned out. But there are no hard and fast rules here, so go with whatever floats your boat.

+ Scissors. I mean, duh. This shit doesn't cut itself.

+  If you want to make tassels, some cardboard.  AND THAT'S IT. The trickiest part of this whole shebang is finding a good spot where you can prop up your branch so that you can start creating the wall hanging. I really recommend finding an area where you can prop up the branch so that you can see the actual yarn hanging the way it will on your wall (and not just laying it on the floor), though if that's your only option, it ain't no thang either. It's just nice to be able to see how all the yarn will look and what the actual length will be as you put it together.


gorgeous diy wall hanging
gorgeous diy wall hanging

1. SET UP YOUR WORK AREA - make sure your branch or stick is steady and that you have enough space to yarn it up.

2. Figure out how long (at least generally) you'd like your wall hanging to be. The most amazing thing about this piece, as that you can make it as large or as small as you want. I used mine to fill up a giganto space on a giganto wall in our living room. I wasn't sure what I wanted to measurements to be, so I held up a piece of yarn at different lengths to test it out.

3. Cut a "guide" piece of yarn. This will be the yarn you will use to cut all other pieces. Your guide yarn should be DOUBLE the length that you'd like to achieve. So figure out how long yarn should be, and cut a piece that is twice that length. Keep in mind that if you get super creative with your wall hanging (i.e. making braids, knots, etc) you will need to cut pieces of yarn that are longer than your guide. I was cool with my wall hanging having different lengths, but if you are looking for more uniform lengths, this may take some extra effort.

4. Start cutting up the rest of the yarn to length, using your guide. You can do a bunch at once, or section by section. I liked to do it section by section, as I wasn't ever sure what my next move would be.

5. Start getting creative! Before you even start this mama, please promise me that you will just go with it and have fun? Pretty please? Don't get super duper caught up in figuring out exactly how each piece or section  should look, just start creating. Again, you can do WHATEVER THE HELL YOU WANT here, so feel free to ignore me, but these were the sorts of sections that I have on mine: + simple hanging yarn + regular braid + skinny braid + fat braid + 4 strand braid + friendship bracelet stitch + knots + knot/braid combo + tied off sections If you know how to make more types of knots, or crazy braids, make em! I tried mixing thing up by braiding half way, then breaking yarn into two section and braiding each bottom section. Then maybe I was feeling like: "yo, I want to make some knots!" So I would grab a big section, and just knot it all the way down. Then maybe I was having so much fun with knots, I decided to do another section with knots. The more random everything is the better. So just go go gadget wall hanging.

6. Attach your sections of yarn. For each "section" I would cut anywhere from 4 to 10+ pieces of yarn with my yarn guide. Then I would take the yarn, fold it in half, put it behind the branch, and attach it by pulling it through the "loop" that was formed at the top. After the yarn was attached to the branch, I would figure out what I wanted to do in that section and get to work braiding, knotting, tying or whatever. I decided I wanted my wall hanging to look pretty full, so I have sections jammed in next to one another pretty tightly. But you could definitely loosen things up a bit if you want your wall hanging to appear a bit "lighter."

7. Embellish if you want. After a few sections were attached, I was like "huh, tassels would look killer on this thing!" So I searched "HOW TO MAKE A TASSEL" on Pinterest and started making them. NOTE: tassels will use up a shitload of yarn, so make sure you have enough if you want to make them too. I then just randomly decided to attach the tassels in different spots of the wall hanging. They're one of my fave things on the wall hanging now, so if you can, I would say go all in on the tassel front.

8. Hang your wall hanging. I used two nails, and have the branch simply resting on top of the nails. It feels pretty darn sturdy, but you can certainly use a couple of more nails if you are worried.

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