Pinterest Stalker: 4 Superstar DIY Bloggers to Follow

The Best DIY Bloggers to follow on PinterestDoes Pinterest complete you? YAY! ME TOO! (follow me HERE, by the wayzers). Even though I'm not exactly the best DIYer in the world, I still love me a challenging project. Or, ok...fine: I at least I love to *pretend* that I'll be taking on a challenging project.


If you have even a teeny tiny amount of love for cool DIY projects for the home and you are not following Jenny Komenda of Little Green Notebook, then you are a real-life crazy person. Jenny is not afraid to take on big projects, and her fearlessness has resulted in some of the most amazing DIY projects I've ever laid my peepers on (hello DIY concrete countertops). She's now a contributing editor for the newly launched Domino Magazine, and an awesome interior designer in her own right. Internet high five, Jenny!

Follow her on Pinterest HERE and visit Jenny's blog HERE to let the DIY'n commence.


Mandi Gubler is a vintage addict just like me, but she's actually got DIY skills to pay the billz.  And she recently announced that she'll be making over a retro camper (!!) that she's named "the nugget," which makes me wanna eat a swoon sundae topped with with all kinds of jealous sauce.  Also, this "12 projects to make from an old leather couch" post just been nominated for a blogger academy award by me.

Visit Mandi's kickass blog Vintage Revivals right HERE.


Ryan Turner is another DIYer for the record books. I love Ryan's projects because she really will tackle anything and everyting: macrame planters, artwork, and a whole slew of awesome DIY faux wallpaper options. I'm about to get BUSY with these 5 minute no-sew pillows. Gotta go to Joann's Fabric, bye.

Follow The Design Confidential on Pinterest HERE and follow her blog HERE.


A Beautiful Mess is a must visit for anyone who's a DIY wannabe like me. Sisters Elsie Larson and Emma Chapman can basically help you with ANY problem you have in your life. Want to make your iphone pics look fab? No problem, they have an app for that. Want to learn all about how to be a better blogger? There's loads of great posts for that too. And yet they also manage to throw in some of the most fab, fun DIY's I've ever seen.

What I love about their DIY's is that they help you make the everyday ordinary into something special. Like have you ever seen linoleum that looked this good?

Follow A Beautiful Mess on Pinterest HERE and follow the blog HERE.

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