One Quick Design Tip: Leave Your Sheepskin Rugs Out In The Sun

Quick design tip: leave your faux sheepskin rugs outside to make them  look more realSo here's some weird advice, but I promise it works: if you have any of those Ikea (or other big boxy) faux sheepskins for $19.95 laying around your joint, and they are looking just a *smidge* too perfect, leave them out in the sun for a couple of days! This sort of "cures" the sheepskin so they look all rough and tumbled and well...more real. Depending on where you live, I find that usually 1 or 2 days does the trick, though if you want to you can certainly leave them out longer. Check on them often and adjust according to how rough you like em' looking. If you leave them out for a longer chunk of time, they will start to change color a bit and yellow.

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TIPErica Reitman1 Comment