One Quick Tip: Bring A Candle With You Whenever You Travel

  Bring a candle when you travelHere's an easy thing you need to start doing any time you go away on a trip: bring a candle with you. This seems like a meh tip, but trust me, it's not.

Here's why the hell you need to bring a candle with you every time you travel:

1. It will make your hotel room smell delicious and sexy.

2. You will come home, and months later you'll be doing laundry or cleaning your dog's poop off of the floor, and you will see the candle sitting on your coffee table. Then you will light it, and you will be instantly whisked back to your amazing trip to _____________.

3. Two and half years later, you'll be digging up in your cabinets for for Siracha sauce, and you will see this amazing candle from your trip to _____________. Then you will smile, and light it, and YET AGAIN, be whisked back in your mind to your amazing time in ____________.

I *still* think of the Amalfi Coast in Italy where we went for our honeymoon anytime I smell the Santiago Huckleberry Voluspa candle.

Life is about moments and memories...and this one little tip will help you make your memories last longer than Lindsay Lohan's downspiral.