One Quick Design Tip: Store Your Toilet Paper in a Vase quick tip We all know how GALACTICALLY annoying it is to be in someone else's bathroom and run out of toilet paper, amirite? Well this design tip will:

  • ensure that that never happens to anyone again in your own house
  • help you keep your TP lookin stylin' and profilin'

Here's what you need to do: take as many rolls of toilet paper as you can fit, and shove them into a big old vase!

I use a low, fat round one and can easily fit in 7 or 8 rolls. I have the vase sitting next to the toilet, and now no one in the history of ever has ever been stuck in my bathroom without a fresh roll. You can also use a taller vase, and just stack up the rolls, rather than dumping them in haphazardly like me. Really any old shape will do as long as it's big and has a wide mouth. You can get super duper cheap large vases at Home Goods/Marshalls/TJ Maxx. My giant fat glass bowl was $9.99. #winning