Do this Now: Make a Secret Interior Design ToDo Board on Pinterest

Design tip: make a secret interior design todo boardHere's a quick tip that you should do right now just cause I told you to and you know I know what the hell I'm talkin' about: make a secret board on Pinterest for yourself called "ToDo." Then, anytime you pin something cool that you want to implement in your own space, repin it to your secret board with notes to yourslf (REMEMBER: no one sees your private boards but you, so you are not muddying up your feed with all of these repins).

So, to summarize, here's your assignment:  

1. Set up a secret board on Pinterest (learn more HERE).

2. Anytime you are inspired by a project or idea that you want to tackle in your own space, pin/or repin the idea to your secret board and include any helpful notes to yourself.

3. Every once in awhile, go to your secret board, pick something out and DO IT! Keep your space looking gorge and keep yourself inspired.

TIPErica ReitmanComment