What Kind Of Couch Should You Buy If You Have A Dog That Sheds? (And Which Fabrics You Should Always Avoid)

What kind of couch should you buy if you have a dog that shedsIf you have a dog that does not shed, then con-grat-u-lat-ions, cause you have hit the jackpot. Like seriously: stop what you are doing right now, pop a bottle of champs and light up a fattie, cause YOU. HAVE. ARRIVED. However, if you are like me and have a dog that sheds so much that you could literally knit a sweater on the daily with all the fur that lines every surface of your home, then you need to turn on, tune in, or drop out. Cause you need to think looooong and harrrrrd about what your couch options are before you drop a bunch of benji's.


Now for some reason, there are people out there who think of this whenever I mention leather: leather-sectional-sofa-with-recliners-in-brownThis is NOT the sort of leather sofa I'm recommending. I mean, if you were my sworn enemy, had just murdered a basket full of puppies, and emptied your bank account to make a really generous donation to the KKK, I *still* would not recommend this sofa. But ppl: THIS IS NOT WHAT LEATHER SOFAS LOOK LIKE ANYMORE! I promise!

design tip: choose a leather sofa for a shedding dogThere are vintage inspired leather sofas, buttery leather sofas, uniquely shaped leather sofas, vintage mid-century modern leather sofas (though, those aren't usually so comfy), bench seat sofas...I mean, the possibilities are endless. And puffy, squishy, squeaky pleather sofas like the one above need not ever cross your doorstep.

Why do I recommend leather above all others? There is one key reason:


That's kind of just it in a nutshell. You can wipe it down, easily swipe off the hair, and clean it up lickety split. I mean, your dog could take a dump on the middle cushion of your leather sofa, and you could STILL clean that stuff up pronto and no one would ever be the wiser. There is just not other fabric options that I've come across (as someone who's had a furry assed shedding dog for 13 years), that even comes close to that level of flexibility.

My second choice option (and this is really a very distant second choice for me) would be slipcovers. If you are absolutely insistent that leather CAN. NOT. work in your home, then get a couch with slipcovers that can be washed. The reason this is a very distant second option for me is that I am a lazy SOB. I don't want to have to constantly be washin' my sofa cushion covers, cause I'm already overwhelmed by constantly havin' to be wahin' my underwear and sheets-n-shit. So this is yet another thing I can completely wipe off my list with leather sofas.

Here are some fabrics, I would mos def totally avoid if you have a shedding dog:

  • Cotton/twill (it will be ready for garbage dump in 2.5 weeks)
  • Corduroy (you don't understand the hell on earth your life will be if you go with this option)
  • Linen (just. say. no)
  • Silk (BIG TIME)
  • Velvet (nightmare city)
  • Any poly/rayon (get real)

Now, some people swear by microfiber, but I am not one of those people. I have a dark colored microfiber banquette and I still find it impossible to keep fur free and clean, so that is just my .02.

LEATHER, LEATHER, LEATHER all the way! #teamleather

EXTRA CREDIT: Here are some of my fave online spots to find chic, fab leather sofas (click each for links): RESTORATION HARDWARE, OVERSTOCK, CRATE & BARREL and WAYFAIR.