Instagram Stalker: 4 Collage Artists to Follow

Follow these collage artists on InstagramOh, hi. Do you like to stalk people on Instagram? YAY! ME TOO!

In case you don't know about my obsession with collage as an art medium, I'm obsessed with collage as art medium. If you're obsessed with collage as an art medium too, here are 4 collage artists you should immediately follow. 


Sammy Slabbinck is one of my current fave collage artists, and he hails all the way from Belgium. He uses vintage imagery in such an amazingly clever, tongue-in-cheek way by combining scenes and shapes in combinations you'd never expect. His work is completely unique, and he's one of the artists who inspired me to spend a billion dollars on vintage magazines and give this whole collage thing a try.

Learn more about Sammy or purchase his work HERE.


Jay Riggio is also a super duper fave of mine. Aside from his collages being generally kickass, he often shows stuff in progress that gives us peeks into his process. Needless to say, dude knows what the hell he's doing with his exacto knife. He recently moved to Brooklyn.

His prints are majorly reasonable at $18 a pop, and you can purchase them HERE. Learn more about him, or get in touch HERE.


Colleen McCulla makes a collage every single day. And goddammit, I admire her gumption. I tried making a collage every day once...I lasted 2 days. Not surprisingly, when you make a collage every single day, you start to get damn good at making collages, and Colleen's collages kick ass. I love how she experiments with the female form, and I feel like I can always detect a bit of sass in her work. Follow her toute de suite.

Learn more about Colleen or purchase her work HERE.


I discovered Kalen Hollomon from Sketch42 Blog, and I've been hooked on phonics ever since. This guy is seriously 50 shades of brilliant. He's like a live action, super hero collage artist. He cuts out interesting bits and pieces from magazines and then holds them up in front of real world scenes. The juxtaposition of the magazine/cut-out imagery mixed in with the gritty NYC larger-than-life scenery is just so clever it hurts my brain.

I couldn't find any place to buy Kalen's work online, but you can see more of his dopeness HERE.