This App Will Rock Your World: Pocket

Download pocket and easily save all of the great blog posts and articles you come across online to read later. You know how your mom would tell you to do something when you were five, and you'd obnoxiously spit back "BUT WHYYYYY." And then she'd say "cause I told you so!" and then you'd roll your eyes so hard and just storm off in a huff? Well samsies...right now. Cause you need to just listen to me and not ask questions and just go download pocket right now (and add it to your browser too). 

I'm online all day. I mean, like ALL DAY. And often I come across interesting articles that I want to read. Here was my system before POCKET:

+ Leave a tab open with article so I could read whenever I get to it (I HAVE NINE BAZILLION TABS OPEN ON MY BROWSER). + Bookmark the article (WHO THE HELL USES BOOKMARKS ANYMORE? STUPID PEOPLE, THAT'S WHO). + Send myself an email with a link to the article (THEN I WOULD JUST IGNORE THE EMAIL AND NEVER READ THE MOFO). + Pin the article or favorite the tweet on Twitter that references the article (AND THEN I WOULD NEVER LOOK AT IT AGAIN).

Are you guys taking notes yet? Cause this is a really great system right?

Now that I have pocket, anytime I see anything interesting anywhere, I just click ONE button on my browser, or one button on my phone, and the thing is saved for me to read, in one easy feed, whenever the hell I want. All of my articles, in one spot, accessible from anywhere.

If you are not using this thing then you are losing at life. DOWNLOAD POCKET NOWZERS.

TIPErica Reitman3 Comments