A Flying Tip That's Changed My Life

  This flying tip has totally changed my lifeThis flying tip is so damn simple---but it's seriously made traveling way more enjoyable for me, and I promise you will love the hell out of it too.

True confessions: this discovery was borne out of the fact that no matter how hard we prepare, within approximately 20 minutes of take-off, my husband is always like "I'm bored." We can bring books, magazines, games, or be sitting in front of a TV with 30+ channels, it doesn't matter. The dude is like un-entertainable on a plane. 

So here's what I do: as soon as the pilot says "our flying time is going to be 5 hours and 33 minutes" I pull out my iPhone, go to the timer and set it for 5 hours and 33 mins. Then, as soon as we take off, I hit "start" (NOTE: I know we're supposed to turn electronic devices off, but I always just put mine on airplane mode and then fake it when the flight attendant walks by. I LIVE ON THE EDGE, YO).

Ok, you might be thinking: now what? This is so stupid! I hate you!

Here's why this is such a giant bowl of amazingsauce: Because with time zones, and tail winds, and CNN channels that might be set to mountain time, even though you just flew from someplace set to Pacific Time, I find it's often impossible to figure out when exactly you're going to land and how much time is left in your flight. True, I'm bad at math, but still. Shit get's confusing when you're flying the friendly skies.

This tip will just magically solve all your damn problems like whoa.

So, once my clock is set, I like to play this game where we hold off as looooooooong as humanly possible before looking at the remaining time of the flight. This typically involves 197 requests from my husband to 'LEMME SEE THE PHONNNNNNE" and me just looking on confusedly at him while I pretend that I can't hear him over the noise of the 4th episode of Real Housewives streaming into my ear drums.

But! At least you know that once you do look at your phone, you know e-x-a-c-t-l-y how much time you have left to endure being annoyed by your husband  is remaining in your flight. You know if you have time to read Us Weekly, In Touch AND Star, or just Us Weekly. You know if you have time to make the people next to you hate you by asking them get up so you can go to the bathroom or if you should just sit there and hold it. You know if you have time to order the meat lovers box, or just suffer like a chump with the ratty granola bar you found at the bottom of your purse.

Anyway, try it, ppl! It's really amaze x 1 billion million.