9 Essentials You Should Never Go To The Flea Market Without

Flea Market Essentials Truth time: I take flea market-ing pretty damn seriously. And if you want to be the flea market ninja that I know you were born to be, then you need to get your head in the game too.

That means that you can't just roll outta bed, grab a tote, and hit the road for the flea without any prep work. No. Siree. Justin Bobby.

So lean into your retina display, put on some slow jams, and keep reading to get the inside scoop on the 9 things you never, ever, ever want to go to a flea market without. Like ever again.


Look, I don't care how stupid you think you're going to look or how embarrassing you think it is to walk around with one of these mofos: any serious flea market-er that doesn't own a granny cart is just playing in the kiddie pool.

Make sure you find one that's sturdy and doesn't tip over for no good reason.

THIS GRANNY CART has a 150 lb capacity and an extra basket. Fill it up and make me proud.


I'm maybe one or two shades away from being a full on albino, so if I ever go to a flea market without lathering myself up in sunblock first, I'll get real deal sun poisoning.

But even if you've got Hawaiian Tropic sunkissed looks, you don't want skin cancer, and so everyone needs to get fully greased up if you're hitting up a flea market that's out in the sunshine.

You can go spend a million dollars on sunblock at a department store, or you can go to Rite Aid and make things easy (and cheap) for yourself. This LOREAL 50+ SPF SUNBLOCK BB CREAM FACE LOTION is a great option. Pair it with their 50+ SPF SUNBLOCK BODY SPRAY which is insanely easy to apply while hiding behind the Breakfast Burrito cart.


Yes, I remember that I told you to grease your whole body up with sunblock in the paragraph above, but that still not might be enough if you're as ghostly as I am.

Better to be safe than sorry, and cover up with a GIGANTIC FLOPPY HAT if you have even a passing resemblance to Casper.


Not at the flea market, yo. Cash is king, so make sure to bring plenty with you.

More and more vendors are now accepting credit cards via Square, but definitely don't count on it. And even if there is an ATM where the flea market takes place, stop to get your cash before you get there. The ATM at the Rose Bowl has a service fee of like $10 bucks or something. so that's 10 fewer plastic swizzle sticks your ass can buy.


Ok, so you don't necessarily need to bring facial wipes with you to wipe your hands with, but I just don't like the way any of the hand sanitizing wipes smell, so that's what I do.

I'm not even close to a neat freak, but I still like to have some wipes with me, as at some point (probably 2-4 hours into your flea fest), you might look down at your hands and notice that they look like you've been wiping them on the road.



Remember how your mind was blown the first time you realized that you could just skip classes in college and no one would know or care? I had a similar reaction to this laser measurer.

You basically just point it at whatever you want to measure (or a space you'd like to measure) and BOOM! You get an exact measurement.

If you are going to the flea market looking for a piece of furniture for a specific spot in your  house, make sure to measure the space BEFORE you leave.

But definitely buy this STANLEY LASER MEASURER...it will change your life.


For the love of gawd, please wear comfortable shoes. Sometimes I go to the flea market and I see chicks there who look like they're dressed up for Saturday night Karaoke out on the town in heels, or wedges, or some other completely inappropriate shoe.

Then I run by them in my NIKE FLAVIO+ AIR MAX sneaks and steal the mid-century cork lamp they were eyeing just for funzies.


This one is semi-optional as I don't feel comfortable forcing anyone to wear a fanny pack, BUT, I will say that I've recently re-discovered the magic of a fanny pack, or "hip bag" as the new kids call em, and they are kind of spectacular.

Remember: you'll be pushing your granny cart, so you can def put a tote in there if you want, but I just find it's much easier to have my money easily accessible.

This LEATHER NUMBER WITH A TASSEL is a fave on Etsy.

9.  H20 

If your flea markets are anything like my flea markets, water can cost up to $5 a bottle. I suggest you prepare for hydration and bring your own. Like this snazzy MIU GLASS BOTTLE. 

OK, guys--congrats!: you're now officially ready to flea your faces off!

I am a flea market ninja