It's FINAL REVEAL WEEK OF THE ONE ROOM CHALLENGE, YO! Are you ready to see how my skinny makeover came out of our living/dining/kitchen?? ARE YOU??????

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Let's take a trip down memory lane first and revisit my whole ORC adventure: 

+ Week one - I shared some before pics and told you about my "skinny makeover."
+ Week two - I talked a bit about my design plan and dropped some of my fave inspo shots on your face. 
+ Week three - I did a deep dive into our new lighting game plan (ie. burn everything down and replace EVERYTHING). 
+ Week four - I got into it about what life is like living in a teeny tiny house and shared some of my best #smallspacesquad tips and concerns. 
+ Week five - It was alllll about the little details. 
+ Week six - I talked about the two extra areas I was zhushing up: our outdoor space and our bedroom.

And that brings us to week seven: right here, and right now. 

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So I made up this whole idea of a "skinny makeover." Which basically just means: a makeover where you change the look of your space, but you keep some of your fave pieces, don't completely start over, and don't do any major renos. For me, this is a much more realistic way of making over a space, as I'm guessing most of you: a. don't have a million dollars to spend and; b. don't really want to just burn your whole house down and start from scratch. A skinny makeover is not always possible, but when it is, it's way the heck less stressful than the construction crew, HGTV knockin on your front door type of makeover. 

I made over the main room in our house which serves as a super duper multi-function space: our living room, kitchen, entry and (now!) dining nook. Here are a few of the before pics of the space: 


I've been obsessed with a neutral color palette for years now, and I don't see any end in site. So I knew I wanted to keep a similar calm palette in the new space. There were also several big pieces that I knew I wanted to keep: Sheila (our crazy vintage wall hanging above), our sofa and armchair, some of our artwork and our kickass coffee table. And I know a lot of people think white is boring, but I ain't one of em'. I wanted to keep our walls white AND our glossy white floors. 

However, I wanted the space to feel MUCH different too. Over the past year or so, I've realized that I was waaaaaay over boho. Boho and I had a torrid love affair for awhile, but now I'm not returning her calls and sneaking Tinder dates behind her back. I'm not sure what happened, but it just started feeling super messy and chaotic to me. I wanted the space to feel much more pulled together and grown-up. 

giphy (22).gif

I was going for Paris Apartment meets California Cool. I also wanted to bring some more brass and just make the space more functional for us. And I'm SOOOOO happy with how it all came together. As a reminder, here is how the room is set-up layout wise.


I want to get this party started with our living room area (as a sidenote, I have included links/sources for E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G in our space at the bottom of the post): 

Image by James Tiffany/Oxford Boone

Image by James Tiffany/Oxford Boone

One of my fave changes are the curtains from Annie Selke which we now have on both sides of the room. I knew I wanted curtains across the entire space in the front, which was slightly tricky based on the location of our window/door, but it totally worked out in the end. I ordered a super duper long curtain rod, and doubled up the panels to make them look more full (I don't usually like how single curtain panels look...I always feel like it ends up looking flimsy, so I like to always double em up). I absolutely love the panels I chose because they are gorge in person, and they are not completely solid, but still provide privacy and let in some light. 

I also decided to really simplify our sofa. I used to 7,435,126 pillows on there and it was just way the hell too much. So now it's just one badass, baller pillow from Pom Pom at Home and sexy new double sheepskin.

My other bizarro design quirk is that I always want floor lamps to be super just leaving them on the floor feels weird to me. So I like to often put them up on side tables like I did here. This pretty lamp from Hayneedle totally makes me think of the Paris Metro. 

My vintage coffee table completes me...I will never ever ever get rid of it. If you don't like it, you and I have nothing more to say to each other. E-V-E-R. :)

Image by James Tiffany/Oxford Boone

Image by James Tiffany/Oxford Boone

I really loved our vintage console, but I wanted something with storage under the TV and I wanted it to be "closed storage" so you wouldn't see all of our crap. When we decided to ditch that big white Ikea pax closet that used to be in the corner, I knew I needed to figure out where all the stuff that was in it was going to go. Much of it ended up getting ditched, but this gorge piece from The Mine actually has some shelves in it so we keep a lot of our extra cleaning supplies in there. Also all of our ugly electronics stuff is in there too. 

Our creamy, soft rug from Article was another fab addition to the space and helped pull together the neutral palette in there. I know: neutral, neutral, and more neutral. I want to punch myself in the face too, so join the club. 

Image by James Tiffany/Oxford Boone

Image by James Tiffany/Oxford Boone

Image by James Tiffany/Oxford Boone

Image by James Tiffany/Oxford Boone

Another piece that really helped to transform the space is our new light fixture from Lamps Plus. Our previous fixture was not "open" like this one and I now realize it was totally blocking up the room in a strange way. This fixture also fits the scale of the space a lot better. You walk through the front door and this fixture basically says: "YO, LOOK AT ME RIGHT NOW. CAUSE ONCE YOU START, YOU CAN'T STOP. I OWN YOU NOW."

The armchair here is facing the sofa, and behind it is our brand new little dining nook!

This is the space that used to have the big ole Pax, but now we actually have a table to sit at and eat. An actual TABLE. Though we have a dining table outside on our patio, it's seriously a game changer to finally have a table to sit and eat a meal at. I feel like I real grown-up. I also like to pretend that this area is my new office sometimes. 

Image by James Tiffany/Oxford Boone

Image by James Tiffany/Oxford Boone

Image by James Tiffany/Oxford Boone

Image by James Tiffany/Oxford Boone

The next spot I wanted to zhush up was our kitchen. Now, truth time: would I love to do a full on, no joke, deep dive kitchen reno? Yeah. But that shiz ain't cheap. Not only that, but I didn't want to disrupt our whole damn lives for weeks. I don't really *love* our kitchen, but I also don't hate it. It's pretty much brand new as it was redone when we bought our house 3 years ago. It's just not totally my taste. At least it wasn't. 

Image by James Tiffany/Oxford Boone (yep, our dog Gus snuck into this one)

Image by James Tiffany/Oxford Boone (yep, our dog Gus snuck into this one)

I planned to make 3 big changes in the kitchen: switch out the cabinet pulls, switch out the island and add a mirrored backsplash. Now I'm guessing you're thinkin: hunh? I don't see a mirroed backsplash in any of your pics??

If you happen to follow me on Insta, you probably already heard my mega rant the other day on what went wrong there. It's not really worth re-hashing, but the co I hired basically screwed up big time. So the mirrored backsplash is actually getting installed TODAY. #oops So yeah, I'll show you that b on Insta stories

But mission accomplished on the other 2 changes!

Image by James Tiffany/Oxford Boone

Image by James Tiffany/Oxford Boone

I know it seems like no biggie to switch out cabinet pulls, and in terms of ease, it really isn't. But I actually think these pulls have made a giant, humongo difference in how our kitchen looks. Our last pulls were maybe 8"...and these new babies from Emtek are 16." These are no joke, do not eff with me cabinet pulls...and I love very hard. 

As for our new "island," I'm sure you can tell it's not really an island at's a console. But one of my fave design tricks is to use stuff meant for one thing for something else. In this case, this console is the perf, stylish piece for our small kitchen. It looks like something out of the 80's and for me that's a really, really good thing. I'm super duper in lurv with it. 

Next I wanted to remake our entry. And by "entry" I mean a strip that's about 2 feet wide behind our front door. Yet again, we didn't have much room to work with. 

Image by James Tiffany/Oxford Boone

Image by James Tiffany/Oxford Boone

Ok, YES: that wall hanging is kinda boho, but with all the other boho crap outta here, I still think it works. We now have a super chic bench to sit on, and there's even some room underneath for some baskets (though not wicker baskets...I went with leather this time around). We keep our slip on shoes in one and Gus's dog toys in the other. 

Image by James Tiffany/Oxford Boone

Image by James Tiffany/Oxford Boone

The other thing I wanted to do, is set up an area for all of our crap. So that's what I did on the etagere. We have a vintage ashtray where we have our keys. 

Image by James Tiffany/Oxford Boone

Image by James Tiffany/Oxford Boone

And then I set up a little section for all of my sunnies: 

Image by James Tiffany/Oxford Boone

Image by James Tiffany/Oxford Boone

OH, and I'm super duper happy that I was able to hide all the ugly dog leashes and harness action behind the curtains to the right of the door. 

Image by James Tiffany/Oxford Boone

Image by James Tiffany/Oxford Boone

Once I had the main room in order, I wanted to refresh our bedroom just a smidge (You can see our bedroom when you are standing in our living room looking into the hall).

Image by James Tiffany/Oxford Boone

Image by James Tiffany/Oxford Boone

We switched up the rug in our bedroom with the Jota rug from Article, and it's been a game changer. We needed something a bit heartier in there because Gus spends so much time on it. BUT I also wanted something that wasn't scratchy under bare feet. The Jota is it. We also upgraded all of our bedding with new additions from Pom Pom at Home and zomg. Game changer part deux. I pretty much don't want to get outta bed anymore. 

Image by James Tiffany/Oxford Boone

Image by James Tiffany/Oxford Boone

Image by James Tiffany/Oxford Boone

Image by James Tiffany/Oxford Boone

Annnnd, the last spot I tackled for this One Room Challenge was our outdoor area. We look out on to this area right outside our front door (and through the window in our living room), so I was so glad to give the outdoor space an upgrade too. 

IImage by James Tiffany/Oxford Boone

IImage by James Tiffany/Oxford Boone

I fell hard for Stori Modern's novel collection when I saw it online, and seeing it up close and personal won me over even more. We recently had a party and this new seating area was the bomb dot com. It's crazy super duper stylish and also provides us with a whole new spot to hang in. I'm going to go into much more detail about it in another post, so stay tuned for more soon. 

Ok, One Room Challenge, Fall 2017 over and out! Phew! This was such a fun one and I'm over the moon with how everything turned out.

Here are the sources for everythang: 

Uttermost Geometric Cabinet, The Mine, $627
Texa Rug, 5x8, vanilla ivory, Article, $399
Hudson Valley 14-light chandelier, Lamps Plus, $1450,
Greylock Indoor/Outdoor linen curtain panels, Annie Selke, $166/ea
+ Coffee Table, vintage**
+ Johnny Sofa, Roger & Chris, starts at $1819**
+ Johnny Armchair, Roger & Chris, starts at $1499**
Dimond Lighting Huntington Drive Floor Lamp, Hayneedle, $578
+ Brass side table, vintage** (here is a similar piece)
+ Naked Lady sculpture, vintage**
+ Brass abstract head, Home Goods** (love this petrified wood sculpture instead)
+ Large wood bowl, vintage**
+ Glass and wood eggs in bowl, vintage**
+ Montauk body pillow, Pom Pom at Home, $290
+ Dark Linen double sheepskin, Annie Selke, $250
+ Wall hanging in window, I made it! Here are directions
+ Imax Fabiola Honey Accent Table, Bellacor, $341.95
+ Leather giraffe, vintage** 
+ Angular tapered candle holder (Large), Target, $16.99**
+ Angular tapered candle holder (Medium), Target, $14.99
+ Barbell brass floor lamp, Article, $99
+ Black and white charcoal art, vintage** (here is a similar piece)
+ Colorful large abstract art, vintage**
+ Wood sculpture, La Commune General**
+ Elephant stool, vintage**
+  Hudson Valley Gideon 33" 1/3 wide aged brass 14-light chandelier, Lamps Plus, $1160

Imax Don Metal Bench, $199, Bellacor
Robert Abbey Jonathan Adler Bristol Antique Brass One-Light Table Lamp, Bellacor, $455.40
Pendula orb lamp, Article, $249
+ Giant wall hanging, aka Sheila, vintage**
+ Maris white marble clock, Article, $59
+ Skinny brass etagere, Hayneedle, $182
+ lacquer trays for sunnies, vintage**

Trail 16" pulls in satin brass, $49/ea, Emtek
+ Artmax Accent Cabinet (used as a kitchen island), The Mine, $1463
+ Linon cowhide rug in beige, Hayneedle, $349

+ Modrest Pacer Dining Chair Set (2 chairs), The Mine, $448
+ Seno walnut rectangular bar table (with Seno dining table legs), Article, $399
+ Pillow, vintage**
+ Abstract Project 62 brass sculpture (I layered 2 on top of each other), Target, $16.99**
+ Vase, vintage, EBTH**
Robert Abbey Jonathan Adler Bristol Antique Brass One-Light Table Lamp, Bellacor, $455.40
+ Stilnovo Ellinor wall lamp, Hayneedle, $223
+ Art, vintage**
+ Niels Latte Woven Wool Rug 3x5, Annie Selke, $278
Greylock Indoor/Outdoor linen curtain panels, Annie Selke, $166/ea
+ Makenzie armless loveseat, Overstock, $248**

Brussels Walnut King Coverlet, Pom Pom at Home, $600
Jota Sesame Ivory Rug 5x8, Article, $249
+ Leather bed, Kelly Wearstler (vintage)**
+ Burl wood dresser, vintage** (similar version here)
+ Bern door knob w/square rosette in satin brass, Emtek, $97

+ Pillows, Flea Market Fab, prices vary**
+ Novel love seat x2, Stori Modern, $1199
+ Novel coffee table, Stori Modern, $449

**NOT AN OFFICIAL ONE ROOM CHALLENGE SPONSOR; I purchased these items myself

Just for funzies, you can also go back and see what I did in the Spring 2017 ORC where I redid our little guest house/airbnb rental

Any questions? Thoughts? Comments? Lay em on me in the comments below. 

And don't forget to check out everyone else's final reveal posts! Thanks so much to Linda for including me again, and to all of the sponsors who I was lucky enough to work with!

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HEY THERE, WEEK SIX! I know week 6 of the One Room Challenge normally means final reveal, but we switched it up this year, so final reveal is NEXT WEEK. 

giphy (13).gif

That means you guys get one extra week of ORC goodness, so hooray for that! Speaking extras, I wanted to dive into some little extra areas and upgrades I was inspired to tackle in other spots in (and outside!) of our home during our skinny makeover. 

1st stop is our outdoor space...which you look directly out onto from our main living/dining/kitchen space. This is an area that we did some MAJOR renovations on when we moved into our house a few years ago. Our outdoor space when we bought our house was basically a big garbage dump for the neighborhood. It was so overgrown and gross, people would just toss trash in there as they walked by and no one was the wiser. We realized that since our house was so small (740sf!), we wanted to really blow out the outdoor space and create way more hang out areas for us. 

As a reminder, here is a quick run-down of what we did: 

I've really wanted to up our outdoor furniture game for awhile, but newsflash: outdoor furniture is mostly ugly, and more importantly, crazy unaffordable. I was fine spending a bit more cash if I really, truly, madly, deeply loved the furniture, but I just couldn't find anything that made me feel that way. That is, until I met Stori Modern. And, in particular, their Novel collection. Here's what I'm talkin bout, Willis: 


I mean, RIGHT?? I took one look at these babies, and I was done...

giphy (14).gif

I chose the same exact colorway as the pic above, and we got 2 loveseats and the matching table for our outdoor space.

The thing I love about Stori Modern is that they have this super chic, curated collection of outdoor furniture that's only avail online, so their prices are way more affordable. Also, everything is made in the good ole U S of A, which I also really dig. I can't wait to show you the pics so you can see how much our outdoor space was zhushed up. 

You're gonna be all...

giphy (15).gif

Another spot where I wanted to do some zhushing is our master bedroom, which is visible-ish from our main living/dining/kitchen area. Shocker of all shockers, the space is tiny (remember: our whole damn house is only 740sf). Here's a snippet of our bedroom, with my fave piece of vintage furniture I ever purchased from a Kelly Wearstler warehouse sale: this crazy, amazing leather bed. 


What do you do when you don't have enough room for a bedside table: you use a plant stand. At least I do.

Anyway, we also have the same white glossy floors in the bedroom that we do in our main room, but I really wanted a new rug in there. I needed a really hearty rug that could take a beating, as our dog spends a lot of time in there, and the dude is not really known for his cleanliness. Again my friends at Article came through with this Jota Sesame Ivory Rug


No joke: this Article rug is one of my favorite pieces from the ORC. As natural rugs have become more and more popular over the years, we're all now real familiar with what a typical jute rug looks like...and this is seriously the opposite of that. It's hard to see in the pic, but the tonal colors in this rug are bangin'--they're like a yummy, neutral rug lasagna. It's also way softer than a lot of jute rugs I've been up close and personal with. And since this rug is in our bedroom (where we're often barefoot), I wanted to make sure it felt good under our feet too. Truth time: I'm deeply in love with this mofo. 

giphy (17).gif

In addition to our sexy new rug, I added some ah-mazing pieces from Pom Pom At Home. I've been a big time fan of Pom Pom At Home since my last ORC, where I used their pillowcases in my guest house makeover. I love them so much because they have some really gorge, unique, luxurious pieces that can totally change the look of your space. Last week, I already shared my new fave pillow for my couch, this Montauk Body Pillow. I picked out this lovely coverlet (Brussels Walnut King Coverlet) for our bed. 


I also chose this Montauk King Blanket in indigo which I have been using both on our bed, and in our living room (on our accent chair). One of my biggest pet peeves is tiny little throws. These tiny throws look especially ridiculous on a king sized bed. So I was so thrilled to find an accent blanket like this one, that was actually sized for a larger, king bed. 

king_blanket_1024x1024 (1).jpg

And even though I've completely ditched boho in our house, I still love me some fringe. 

Another mini upgrade I wanted to make on our bedroom door (as well as the door to the bathroom and to Greg's office) was to switch out the door knobs with sexy new knobs from Emtek. I chose these Bern knobs in satin brass with a square rosette (they are shown below in satin nickel).


I honestly feel like these door knobs are sorta like door jewelry...and much like real jewelry, once you get a taste of the good stuff, there's no going back. Emtek: you have officially ruined me on regular door knobs forevs now. 

giphy (18).gif

Alright, bbs. Get ready for the BIG REVEAL next week!

I have one more major thing I need to do in my kitchen that I'm hoping is really going to transform the space...and that's goin down on Saturday. So as per uzsh: we're down to the wire here. But i'm confident I'm going to get it all done. I mean, I think I am. I mean, I AM, I AM. 

giphy (19).gif

Alrighty, so you know the drill by now: time to go check out what all my other ORC homies are up to. There are some other amazing makeovers goin' down. See you btchz next week for the final reveal! 

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Week five, and I'm feelin fiiiiiiine. So let's get into it. 

I thought this week we could chat about all the little details that I'm hoping will pull my space together. 

giphy (6).gif

Since I decided to do a skinny makeover in my living/kitchen/dining/entry space (i.e. I wanted to change things up, but not burn the whole house down), I realized early on that the details were going to be key to helping the space feel totally fresh and new. 

I kicked the party off in my kitchen area.

I considered doing a full on reno in my kitchen for a hot minute, but then I realized that this dude wasn't avail, so I ditched that idea. 

giphy (7).gif

But I still wanted to make the space feel fresh, so I decided to do one of the simplest, but most impactful easy changes I could make: switch out the cabinet pulls. 

I knew I wanted to go big impact, so I chose the 16" satin brass Trail pulls from Emtek. Our previous pulls were courtesy of our shitty house flippers, and they were maybe 6" max, so the change was m-a-j-e. Looky here: 


I shared a bit of the switch out process on Instagram stories, and the most commonly asked question by far is: what the heck did we do with the old holes in our cabinet. We ended up re-using the bottom holes, and the old top holes were filled with white wood putty. Is this solution perfect looking? Def not. But you don't' *really* notice the old holes unless you're looking for them, so for us it works just fine. 

Once we got the new pulls on there, the difference was crazy dramatic. Here are the old pulls: 

Snapseed (1).jpg

I mean, they're fine. Like "ok, whatever" fine. 

But here are the NEW Emtek pulls: 


They are big, and in your face, and totally baller...and I think that they've honestly managed to completely transform our space. 

giphy (8).gif

Another detail I was looking to add to our space were curtains. At the front of our room, we have a big window and our glass front door, and at the back we have sliding glass doors into our little yard. By the way, our "front" door is only accessible after you come through a gate at the front of our house, so privacy isn't really an issue (stay tuned for a fun update of our outdoor space, which you can see right through our front window, with drop dead gorgeous Stori Modern outdoor furniture, coming up next week).

Anyhoo, curtains. I knew I wanted simple, neutral curtains that didn't get too wrinkle-y. I wanted them to have a chic vibe, but not feel too fussy. I spent EONS looking for something...anything...that didn't make me say "meh," and I finally found them on Annie Selke. 

Feast your eyes on these babies: 

The magic of these curtains is that they look and feel like linen, but they're actually not. The reason that's so magical is because linen gets HELLA wrinkle-y. And I'm all about easy peasy, so steaming my curtains every week is not on my "this would be fun!" list. 

giphy (9).gif

The other trick I've learned as a designer is that 2 curtain panels almost always look skimpy. Not sure why, but I've found this to be true like 99.9% of the time, with all sorts of diff curtains, diff materials, and diff price points. So I often like to use 3 or 4 panels where you would normally use 2. 

I also needed to figure out how to deal with the curtains in terms of placement.  We had a couple of odd challenges (my front door and my window are pretty much directly next to each other). The other tricky thing is that we airbnb our guest house, and our airbnb guests are welcome to hang out on our outdoor patio...which is right outside our front door. So I ALSO wanted the curtains to provide some privacy to us inside the house, in case some sweet couple from Durango, Colorado ends up hanging out in front of the fire pit while we're trying to watch This is Us in our PJ's. 

So yeah: I'm super duper excited about our new curtains sitch, and I will show you how I tackled allllll of these issues in my final reveal post in a couple of weeks. 

Another detail I wanted to focus on was upping my rug game. I shared our main new rug last week (the vanilla ivory Texa 5x8 rug from Article), and I crazy love that mamma jamma. I also really love our glossy white floors. BUT, I had a couple of new issues I needed to tackle. 

Numero uno, our new pup Gus (who is a Basset Hound), is basically like a sprinkler when he drinks his water. Each time he takes a gulp, it seems like: 20% of the water ends up in his mouth, 20% ends up on his ears, and 40% ends up all over our damn floor. So I realized I wanted to put a rug in our kitchen to try to help this slippery situation. But I didn't like the idea of having a-l-l rectangular rugs in our little space, and wanted to mix things up. I also needed something that was hearty and could take a beating.

Enter this sexy little baby from

Linon Cowhide Rug in Beige

Linon Cowhide Rug in Beige

I'm constantly amazed at how easy hair hide rugs are to care for. They are really hard to stain, are pretty easy to vacuum, and it takes a really long time to wear them out. So now we've got this guy in our kitchen.

Challenge numero dos was that we were setting up another little dining area for ourselves in the back of our space where this giant closet used to be: 


Since we have one big room, I chatted last week about how I've tried really hard to set up different areas of the room that actually feel separate. And I felt like the best way to do that in our new little dining area, was with a rug. So I picked out this pretty lady from Annie Selke: 

It fits perfectly with my soft, neutral color scheme, and it's soft and yummy under your feet. 

Mission accomplished: I'm over the moon happy with all 3 of our rugs now!

giphy (11).gif

Next on my details list was handling the textiles and pillows. 

No joke: at one point in time I think I had like 8 throw pillows on my couch. There was barely any room to sit. This time around, I wanted to do things way differently. WTH does that mean, that means one pillow. 

But yeah: I feel throw pillow sounds bizzaro. I didn't want one throw pillow, though. I wanted one BODY PILLOW. And I found the perfect pick at Pom Pom at Home

So now, instead of a billion pillows on our couch, we have one big pillow. And I cannot tell you how much I lurv this change. It feels so darn liberating. See ya, throw pillow suckas!

giphy (12).gif

In addition to our faboo new pillow, I added a soft, gorge sheepskin from Annie Selke: 

And this fantastico throw from Pom Pom at Home

What's it like to be a designer who decides to change up their space every year and a half?--I'm asking for a friend. But seriously, I really think that all of these new pieces are super stylish, simple, and yet timeless. It's hard for me to imagine ever wanting to get rid of them [feel free to remind me of this post during the ORC Fall 2020]. 

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