Ok, so as a refresher: 

+ I'm making over our living room/kitchen/dining room (except we don't have a dining room yet). 
+ I'm doing what I'm calling a "skinny makeover," which means I want to switch things up big time, but I also want to re-use some pieces that are currently there which I really dig. 
+ My goal is to make the space feel way the hell more pulled together and sophisticated. I sort of want to marry California Cool with a Paris apartment. 

Stick with me for a minute here...I swear I'm not completely outta my mind.

Ok, well that's a little bit of a lie.

But I've found that over the past year or so, my design style has gone through a major change. I used to be a boho babe, and now...well, I'm def not. I've broken up with my wicker baskets, vintage kilims, and rattan, and now I'm back on Bumble and ready for some action. 

If you missed my first week's One Room Challenge post, you can catch up right heeeere.

I may as well get something off my chest with you guys right from the get go: I am totally not into color. Like not at a-l-l.

giphy (5).gif

I get that that's totally bizarro, and I know that I'm waaaay in the minority with this one, but a few years ago I decided to go full-on top-to-bottom neutral around this joint, and I haven't looked back since. 

So as part of my skinny makeover, I'm going from...uhm...neutral to neutral [cue record scratch]. 

I'm just obsessed with creams and leather, and browns, so I'm not switching that up at all. 

I'm also still the dad from This is Us level in love with our glossy white floors, so those are staying too. 

This is the point that you might be wondering to yourself: uhm, Erica? WTF are you going to makeover, then??

giphy (6).gif


OK, so here are the main things that I want to tackle: 

+ Ditch the giant janky Ikea pax closet we had in our kitchen as a pantry. 
+ Create a small dining area for Greg and I. 
+ Make our kitchen feel a bit less hodge/podge (is this an actual word???) and a bit more glam. 
+ Zhush up our living room area. 
+ Create some more storage space to make up for the janky Ikea pax closet. 
+ Update the look of the room, while leaving a few existing elements. 
+ Make the space look like a snotty Paris model lives there who dreams of moving to Los Angeles. 

Here are some of my inspo photos: 

Loving the white mixed in with the wood and the brass light fixture. 

 via  Cereal

via Cereal

Weird sculpture, chair with sexy lines and neutral curtains?...yes, pls and I'll take random stacks and stacks of stylish coffee table books for $600, Alex. 

This is way more on the California cool tip than the Paris apartment tip, but I still really dig it.

 via  D Pages

Wood, white, swing art sconce, marble heaven.

Wanna see some of the fab, fly freddy shiz I've already picked out for the space? Duh, of course you do. Ok, let's do this: 


+ 1. Uttermost Geometric Cabinet, $627 The Mine
+ 2. Texa Rug, 5x8, vanilla ivory, $399, Article
+ 3. Hudson Valley 14-light chandelier, $1450, Lamps Plus
+ 4. Imax Don Metal Bench, $199, Bellacor
+ 5. Trail 16" pulls in satin brass, $49/ea, Emtek
+ 7. Greylock Indoor/Outdoor linen curtain panels, $166/ea, Annie Selke

I left the cowhide off of the list above, because I'm still having major second thoughts about it. Do I really want one? Are they just sooooo overdone? I have really loved them for years, but I"m worried it's going to make my space feel more ordinary. What do you guys think??

giphy (7).gif

Are you diggin the neutrals? What do you think of my picks so far? Do you hate Jonathan on Keeping Up With the Kardashians as much as I do??

Next week we're going to get INTO my gameplan for the kitchen.  

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