Ok, so as a refresher: 

+ I'm making over our teeny tiny guest house which we airbnb the hayl out of. 
+ Right now, it's just kind of "ok for me, dawgg" in there. 
+ I want it to feel more like a chic hotel room in there...or what I've started calling "cozy luxe." CUE EYE ROLL RIGHT NOW. [I hate all those dumb style sandwich phrases everyone comes up with like "eclectic modern" or "mod traditional," but also: I'm doing it now too].

giphy (2).gif

If you missed my first week's One Room Challenge post, you can catch up right heeeere.

So from the get go, I realized that a major bummer with doing over the guest house was this: I can't really move shit around much. And that's just because it's so small in there, I don't have a lot of options. Here's what I'm talkin' bout: 

Ok, so the bed can only go on one wall: cause one wall is the closet, so that's a no go. And if we put it on the wall where the windows are, then there is no place to mount the TV. So yeah: the bed needs to stay where it is. 

Then in the front seating area, I *could* maybe sort of move the banquette and put it under the window, but there is a weird niche in the wall over there and it doesn't fit alll the way up against the that one is status quo too. The kitchen has obvies gotta stay where it is cause that's where the plumbing/gas is. So yeah: if you were looking for a whole lot of furniture re-organizing around this joint, I'm probs gonna disappoint your ass HARD.  

However, the good news is, I still want to drastically change the look of the space. And in a way, this will be a fun experiment to see how insanely different we can make a space look by not changing the layout of the rooms AT ALL. I'm up for the challenge, yo.

Wanna see some of the fab, fly freddy shiz I've already picked out for the space? Duh, of course you do. Ok, let's do this: 

+ Uttermost Petris Stacked Leg Console, ATG Stores
+ Jonathan Adler Havana Polished Nickel plug in sconce (similar), Lamps Plus
+ Highline by Rachael Ray Upholstered Panel Bed, All Modern
+ Corbett Helios 27" Flush Mount, Bellacor
+ Joaquin 1-drawer Nightstand, All Modern
+ Walls Republic Raw grasscloth wallpaper, All Modern

This is the vibe I'm going for in the main bedroom area: hotel-y, chic, and def gender neutral. There are a lot of things you have to take into consideration when you're designing a space that is going to be used as an airbnb rental: lots of tchotchkes don't work, cause those get dusty. If you have a low profile bed, older people aren't going to have such an easy time getting in and out of it. People need spots to store their stuff, charge their devices, and also just relax and chill. It can't feel too feminine OR too masculine. So I need to make sure the space is useful and functional, but I also want every single thing I choose for the space to feel intentional and purposeful. 

As a reminder, here is what the bedroom area looks like now: 

Meh. It needs some help. If you want to find out how to make a similar wall hanging, though, I have a whole DIY right here. 

Here are some images that inspired me for the space: 

 via Restoration Hardware

via Restoration Hardware

 via soudasouda

via soudasouda

 via Architectural Digest  

via Architectural Digest

I think I mostly still want to stick to neutrals, though I'd like to mix in some fact I think I decided to paint the bathroom Inchyra Blue from Farrow & Ball. 

Here's what it looks like: 

What do you guys think?? Any ideas about how I can pull off the hotel chic thing but not make the space feel too cold or impersonal? What are some of your fave amenities at a fab hotel? Do you love Patricia on Southern Charm as much as I do?? This is basically how I'm thinking of y'all whenever I ask you for advice: 

Next week we're going to get INTO it about the paint annnnnd the wallpaper. Yep, we're doing not one, but TWO diff wallpapers in that mofo, and I'm going to tell you allllll the deets. 

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