Week four: comin atcha loud-n-proud. This week, I wanna talk about what life's like on the #smallspacesquad. 

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So our house is reallllllllll smalllllllll. The main house (that I live in with my husband Greg and our senior Basset Gus, is only 740sf total). There are 2 bedrooms, a bathroom, and our main living/dining/kitchen space...and that's the space I'm making over for the One Room Challenge. I don't know exactly, but I'm guessing that the space is around 400 or 450sf. I could measure, but I'm too lazy to do that. However, my point is: our whole house is round about the size of a large living room in any regular old suburban home. So we def have some small space challenges that we need to deal with on the daily. 

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In our big main room, I needed to figure out a way to set up a whole bunch of different sections: 

+ Entryway
+ Living Room
+ Kitchen
+ Dining Room

And yep: that's a lot of crap in a pretty small space, but living in a small space means you get REAL used to just making it work (h/t to Tim Gunn). 

So I realized I need to break down my space into several different zones...and while all of these spots are sort of just right next to each other, I wanted them to be somewhat separate too. Lemme take you through each one and show you what I mean so you can get a sense of how I'm dividing up our teeny, tiny space. 

Here's the layout of our new One Room Challenge-ified room: 


The entryway is not really separate at all. It's to the left of the front door right under Sheila. Who the hell is Sheila? Good question. Sheila is the biggest, baddest wall hanging you have ever seen in your whole damn life. She is from an estate sale in the valley and she was a gift from my cousin Meri. Even though I have totally given up my love of boho, Sheila, which is a floor-to-ceiling piece, is such a force of nature, she ain't goin' anywhere. Behold her beauty: 


I mean, right!????

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The rest of the stuff in the pic is going, though. After ditching those baskets, I decided to add a sleek bench in front of Sheila. This will allow us to use it as a seat, store a couple of things underneath it, and then put some things on top of it (like a vintage ashtray we use to store our keys). I found this beauty from Bellacor, and I was blown away by how reasonably priced it was: 

I'm also looking for a narrow etagere to put on the side of Sheila for a bit more storage, but I haven't found one yet. 

Next is the living room area, which as a reminder, looked like this: 


Most of the stuff in this spot is staying the same, minus the rug and the console underneath the TV. 

Since I'm obsessed with neutrals, I wanted to find a new rug with texture, but a *different* kind of texture than what was already there. 

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That's basically how my husband responded when I told him that too. 

Anyway, I found the perfect rug from Article to switch in: 

Article really has a fab, well curated collection of rugs, so it was hard for me to figure out which one I wanted. But because we spend so much time in this space, I wanted to find something that had the right look and was comfortable under foot. This rug just looked like a big, yummy sweater, and it works perfectly underneath our coffee table. 

The current console we had was cool, but I wanted something a bit more sleek for that spot. I also wanted something closed so that I could use it for storage. It took me forever to find the right piece, but I finally found it on The Mine: 

I'm actually using without the legs, and I think it looks even sleeker. 

Next it was time to switch up the kitchen. If you've been hanging out with me for awhile, you know that one of my fave things to do is to use decor and furniture meant for one thing for another. So my new kitchen "island" is actually not an island at's another console.  


And lemme tell ya, it wasn't easy for me to pick two fave lamps from Article, cause they have such gorge, simple lighting...and really everything (stay tuned for my other Article picks in upcoming weeks). But I wanted to choose something that spoke to my Paris apartment theme, and I think both of those totally do. They're sculptural and brass, and just hot, hot, hot. 

And then I picked out two of these from Bellacor: Robert Abbey Jonathan Adler Bristol Antique Brass One-Light Table Lamp


Those babies are actually going on my kitchen counters. Yep, weird I know: but they look gorge.

But wait...that's not all. After choosing the two lamps from Article, I was sort of floor lamp addicted. And I realized I needed onnnnnnnnne more lamp. So I found this mamma jamma from Hayneedle: Dimond Lighting Huntington Drive Floor Lamp


Doesn't this look like it's straight outta the Paris metro?? And the best part is: I'm not using this as a standard floor lamp. Yep! Riddle me that. Well, actually wait...that's dumb. I know exactly what it means. But my lips are sealed. 

So yeah: this week has been all about getting the lighting sorted. And I'm super psyched to have such cool pieces to work with. But now I need to figure out my bulb situations for each fixture and lamp (which is a whole confusing world to me). Like, I've realized that I love the look of clear bulbs when the lights are off, but when you turn them on, I prefer frosted bulbs. So that's been a whole dramz. 

Next week: I'm focusing on curtains, cabinet pulls, and all the little details in our space. But in the meantime, you should check out what all the other ORCers are up to, cause they are doing some SERIOUS transforming: 

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