Ok, so here's the deal: color is kinda hard for me.

My whole house is a mix of: browns, creams leather, suede, white floors, wood, and beige accessories. A few years back I entered the neutral zone, and I haven't really been able to get out of it. So yeah: it took me a looooong time to figure out what colors I wanted to bring into the guest house. 

But the thing is: this is a totally separate space...and the Airbnb guests who stay in the guest house don't come into our main house, so the two don't *really* need to relate. Ok phew: realizing that, finally helped me move past my color paralysis. Well, kinda: I decided to paint the bathroom a color, and repaint the rest of the space white.

HEAR ME OUT HERE, HOMIES: I know some of you may think white is b-o-r-i-n-g, but for me it's honestly like a clean slate. I've got much love for white, and I really dig the fact that it allows me to incorporate other colors via accessories, bedding, art, etc. Also, we don't get a ton of light in the guest house, and the floor is Saltillo tile. Don't even get me started on the floor. I inherited it...and while I love it for a traditional Spanish home, that's not what I've got. Like at ALL. And it's a shockingly hard color to work with when you're thinking through your palette. So I'm mostly just gonna try to hide it. 

Anyway, back to the paint: Farrow and Ball paint is srsly the bomb dot com...which works out well cause I am a horrendous, horrible, not to be trusted with a paintbrush alone EVER kind of a painter. And if I don't have good paint to use, my whole project is literally just gonna fall down around me. Thank gawd for F & B. And also thank gawd I convinced my friend Jen to come out from Ohio to help me with this project. Though when she walked in and saw my paint job she said something along the lines of: "this is the sort of space I would look at and think whoever painted this needs to be taken away to a facility."

So I chose Inchyra Blue for the bathroom and Winborne White for the main space. 

Here's Inchyra Blue out in the wild: 

Though it's looking a bit darker in our bathroom...probably because there isn't much natural light in there. 

But I really think it's feeling a bit moodier and sexier in there with the Inchyra Blue, so I'm really loving the change of the general vibe. And the fresh white is giving me all sorts of feels in the rest of the space. But because I was reseting the neutral vibe with white, I decided I wanted to go for it with some wallpaper. 

Now hanging wallpaper yourself is normally a crazytown idea...cause it's NOT an easy job. Like not at all. But I was lucky enough to have my friend Jen with me, and Jen basically knows how to do everythang, so I was feeling like I was ready to take on the world. 

We decided to do a kickass raw brown-y/gold-y/gray-ish grasscloth behind the bed which I managed to find on As a reminder, I'm going for that chic hotel vibe in there, so I wanted to keep things a bit more refined in the bedroom space.  

 Here we are rolling out the wallpaper like the crazy ppl we are. 

Here we are rolling out the wallpaper like the crazy ppl we are. 

 And here we are attaching it to the wall. This looked way the hell easier than it was. Promise. 

And here we are attaching it to the wall. This looked way the hell easier than it was. Promise. 

This wallpaper is looking gorge to the miggity max, but it *was* a smidge more difficult to hang because it was so darn thick. But I think that it actually adds an incredible richness to the space. And it def has that hotel vibe on lock.  

But wait! Did you think I was just gonna do ONE kind of wallpaper in there? Hell to the no, to the no, no, no. 

And lucky for me, another fab ORC sponsor New Wall had some epic wallpapers to pick from. I ended up choosing a paper from Tres Tintas Barcelona called Poseidonia. Feast your little eyeballs on it: 

[Pretend like some Biggie song is playing in the background right now].

The challenge with this "wallpaper" is that it's actually mural. So it's sort of like one big piece of art. Unlike the grasscloth, you can't just randomly hang it in pieces next to one another. And challenge numero dos is that the mural was not quite big enough to fit our entire seating area space. So I came up with kind of a whacky solution to deal with that, which I'll show you in the final reveal. But I have to say, so far I'm lovin it.

So this is going to go in the little seating area at the front of the guest house. I'm pairing it with a blue velvet banquette that I already had in there because a. it perfectly fits in the spot it's in, and b. The bench actually has storage in it, and I need it to keep extra sheets and towels. 

 Another thing I've struggled with a bit on this project and then decided to get over it: not EVERY single thing in the space needs to be brand new. Sometimes you have pieces that are working great where they are, and it's ok to keep em.' Even though the banquette is kind of a big piece, there is just nothing else I could find so quickly that would fit perfectly, and provide me with a ton of extra storage. So Mr. Banquette dude isn't going anywhere.

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Ok, so that's what's goin' on around these parts. What do you think? Are you legit concerned that I might pick up a paintbrush again and no one will be around to stop me? [you should be]...Do you approve of my wallpaper pics??...Did you hate the Grils finale as much as I did?? 

In the meantime, you should DEF hit up all my other ORC bbs to find out what they're up to too. I'm LOVING all the progress I'm seeing this week! 

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