We've made it to the one month mark on our One Room Challenge-palooza!! In case you need to catch up, here's: Week One // Week Two // and Week Three.

This week, I'm catching you bbs up on some uber cool details in our Guest House refresh. Feast your eyes on this mood boardy board: 

Here's where you can get alllll this rad stuff:

+ Fashion Forward Glass Doors, Metrie
Ripple Fold Drapery, The Shade Store
Pine Cone Hill Anatolia Linen Throw, Annie Selke
Pine Cone Hill Kerala Spice Matelasse Coverlet, Annie Selke
Bern Knob in Satin Nickel, Emtek
Vintage Textile Pillow, [similar] Indiebungalow
+ Emperor by Moglea print, Minted


Let's start with the drapery...cause I love it so much I might ask it to marry me. As you might remember, one of the walls in the tiny guest house has a couple of small windows on it. We have some existing blinds on there, so I wanted to focus on making the space feel a bit more dramatic and va, va, voom. 

I'm still going for that cool, boutique hotel vibe, so I wanted to mount the drapery from the ceiling for a more modern look. Also, the ceilings in this joint are pretty darn low, so I thought mounting the drapes from the ceiling would bring the eyes up a bit. 

And it soooo worked! I chose the ripple fold drapes and included a brown edge to pick up some other colors in the room. Best of all, if you look up in the corner you can see our AC unit...there was this ugly ass tube coming out of it that we managed to hide by mounting the drapes an inch or so forward from where we normally might have. Now that thing-a-majig is entirely covered up. 

Do you like that boob light?? I BET YOU DO.

Anyway, now that these drapes from The Shade Store are up, the room is pulled together in a way that I never even coulda imagined it would be. It's BALLER. I can't wait to show you guys the non-horrible, properly lit pics that are not taken on my dumb phone.  Also: I kinda don't ever want to use a curtain rod again: I'm now all in on the celing mount. 


Another giant change that I know will blow my mind, is the switch-out of all the doors in the guest house. Truth time: I've never had nice doors before. In fact, I hadn't paid a whole lot of attention to doors in the past...but now that I've met Metrie, I'm afraid I've been ruined forever. 

As a refresher, these are the french doors that are currently in the guest house: 

Meh. Ok. Whatever. But we're now going to replace those with these sexy babes: 

And I choose the Very Square 4-Panel Doors to use on our closet, as well as the bathroom. 

These have all now been painted with Farrow & Ball's Wimborne White and are ready to be hung...that's goin' down next week and I'm basically counting the milliseconds. 

Also, now that we're gonna have supa fly, fresh doors in there, I couldn't exactly throw on any ole door knob. So I chose these Bern knobs from Emtek.

Gorge, right??? Again: I'm not well versed in the language of doors, but I swear: when I opened the box and saw these babies for the first time I realized I've been doing it ALL WRONG so far in life. I'm pairing them with new Emtek hinges as well and I know that the whole combo is just gonna be like KAPOW!


The lighting sitch in the guest house was rough...and I mean REAL rough. Not only were there boob lights for days in there, but they were throw up in bizarro spots all over the joint. I almost feel like the last people who lived here blindfolded themselves, spun around, and then just installed lights wherever they were pointing on the ceiling.

But those days are gonna be gone RULL soon as soon as we get our new fixtures up. Here's what's going in: 

In the bathroom, we're putting this Luna 1 light bronze and gold mini chandelier from Crystorama

We need to do a flush mount light in the bedroom area, as I didn't want a pendant to hang down and potentially block the view of the TV (PRIORITIES, PPL). So we chose this Corbett Helios LED flush mount from Bellacor

I wanted to do two sconces on the side of the bed, and so I went with these Jonathan Adler Havana swing arm sconces from Lamps Plus. UNFORTCH, these aren't avail right now, but here are similar ones if you like the look. 

A couple of the existing lights in our guest house were those janky ones where you have to pull a chain to turn it on. And I wanted to avoid having to call an electrician to switch em up, so we came up with a crazy easy genius solution that was cheapo as can be: this Philips Hue dimming kit that comes with an on/off switch that you literally just stick to your wall! We are adding these for the sconce lights as well next to the bed because they are up a bit high and I want to make sure people can turn the lights on/off while they are in bed. They are only $34.99/ea, which is waaaay the heck cheaper than it would have been to hire an electrician. 

Ok, phew! That's it for this week. Next week I'm putting the final touches on everything, hanging up all the art, and then getting ready for the big reveal. If you want to sign up for my super fun, secret weekly ORC video confessional, you'll get to see some ranting, previews of the space, and lots of other rando commentary. 

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