Annnnd, here we are at week five of the One Room Challenge! Whoa! If you wanna catch up, here's: week one / week two / week three / week four.  

I've laughed...I've cried. But lately, this is what I've taken to reciting to myself e-v-e-r-y day: 

I need all the encouragement I can get right now, ppl. All of it. But I'm happy to report, I'm real close to the finish line!

This week was all about taking care of the last few details to pull the guest house together. Here are some of the highlights: 

+ We had our gorgeous Metrie doors (with our baller Emtek door knobs and hardware) installed. Painting these mamma jamma's was no joke, but they look so epic it burns my eyes. Again, this is my first ride on the sexy door and sexy hardware train, and now I don't wanna EVER get off. I look at the doors/door hardware in our main house now, and I throw up a little bit in my mouth. 

+ We installed our brand new Eero wifi system. Talk about a game-changer! We went from having spotty wifi in our guest house, to a connection that is so fast, a teenager illegally downloading pirated video games would be impressed. My husband Greg is gonna tell you all about it below cause he's tech support around here. 

+ I got some DIY projects done. Now if you know me at all, you know that my version of DIY could verrrry generously be called "remedial." And I mean: real generously. But one of my fave sponsors for ORC is this rad little company called Fringe Market. And as soon as I saw all of their amazeballs fringe, tassels, and trims, I knew that I had to get my DIY on pronto. Well, at least a little bit. 

This is our doormat, that I DIY'd with some of their bead trim and weatherproof tape. I'm kind of in love with it.

I'm going to show you some more Fringe Market fabulousness next week, cause uhm...feast your eyes on this: 


This week I also wanted to share some of the choices/upgrades I made specifically because we rent our place out on Airbnb. And just as a reminder: WE PAY OUR WHOLE DAMN MORTGAGE WITH AIRBNB, so I'm a giganto fan for any of you who are thinking of doing it. 

My basic approach with the space is that I want to go crazy overboard to make sure everyone who stays here has an amazing time. In fact, truth time: I go crazy overboard in most areas of my life: if I invite you over for dinner, expect a spread. If we go shopping at the flea, my granny cart is usually overflowing. And if I'm ranting in the morn during my morning Insta story catch-up, expect me to get my FULL ON rant on. 

So there were quite a few decisions that I made specifically with the idea that this is an Airbnb space in mind. 

+ Hue light bulb/remote kits - I talked about these Hue dimmer/remote kits last week, but I just gotta tell you again: these things are friggin ah-mazing. We added them under each of our Jonathan Adler Havana sconces from Lamps Plus. These have a switch on the lamp, but since they are a bit higher up, I wanted to make sure our guests could access them from bed. We also used them in both the closet and our bathroom in spots that had previous lights with pull chains. Sidenote: WHY are there lights with pull chains? Can we all just agree to never use those mofos again?? K, thx, bai. 

+ I gave our closet an upgrade - Now I couldn't afford to create a fully customized closet in there. BUT, I still wanted to make sure that the closet looked chic as it's a space that every single guest will def be using. Our closet didn't have any closet doors on them, and now that's been fixed big time thanks to Metrie and Emtek. But I also decided to use a chic runner from The Mine on the floor. And I added some pretty Art from Minted too. But my fave addition is this 251 light fixture from Bellacor. Just a friendly reminder, you can decorate your closets too, ppl!

I'm also working on some fun, guesty upgrades for the bathroom, so stay tuned for those next week. You know what else is next week!? THE FINAL REVEAL!

You're gonna see pics, sources and links for every single thing I used in the whole darn space! 

Ok, here's Greg with scoop on our Eero system: 


I gotta say, I was a bit hesitant to take on this project at first. The thought of disconnecting every single ethernet cable and multiple tangled chords was enough to throw me into a anxiety tizzy. But our internet has been super slow over the past few months, so we needed to up our game. Stat.

I had heard incredible things from a few of my friends who raved about the product. I was psyched that EERO teamed up with us for this makeover, cause we were ready to enter the big leagues. We have quite a few pieces of tech which relies solely on our WIFI network to function. Our Smart TV, Sonos Speakers, Ring Doorbell, Apple TV and all of our Philips Hue lighting.

Setup was a breeze. First I was instructed to download an app and set up my network. This took about 5 seconds. The interface was super clean and intuitive. A few clicks and we were ready to rock. After connecting the main EERO to the modem we were online in about 10 seconds. We also had additional EERO’s we placed around our home which serves as access points so we got top notch speeds no matter how far we were away from the main hub. 

One of my favorite things about the EERO is the app. You have the ability to set up family profiles and guest access with their own username and password. The other cool feature is having the ability to monitor and set timers on accessing the internet. So IN THEORY I could set up a profile for Erica and turn off her Internet access whenever I wanted all through the app. (which may or may not have happened last week). [ED NOTE: SOOOO NOT COOL, DUDE].

All in all, a HUGE thumbs up for EERO.

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