HEY THERE, WEEK SIX! I know week 6 of the One Room Challenge normally means final reveal, but we switched it up this year, so final reveal is NEXT WEEK. 

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That means you guys get one extra week of ORC goodness, so hooray for that! Speaking extras, I wanted to dive into some little extra areas and upgrades I was inspired to tackle in other spots in (and outside!) of our home during our skinny makeover. 

1st stop is our outdoor space...which you look directly out onto from our main living/dining/kitchen space. This is an area that we did some MAJOR renovations on when we moved into our house a few years ago. Our outdoor space when we bought our house was basically a big garbage dump for the neighborhood. It was so overgrown and gross, people would just toss trash in there as they walked by and no one was the wiser. We realized that since our house was so small (740sf!), we wanted to really blow out the outdoor space and create way more hang out areas for us. 

As a reminder, here is a quick run-down of what we did: 

I've really wanted to up our outdoor furniture game for awhile, but newsflash: outdoor furniture is mostly ugly, and more importantly, crazy unaffordable. I was fine spending a bit more cash if I really, truly, madly, deeply loved the furniture, but I just couldn't find anything that made me feel that way. That is, until I met Stori Modern. And, in particular, their Novel collection. Here's what I'm talkin bout, Willis: 


I mean, RIGHT?? I took one look at these babies, and I was done...

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I chose the same exact colorway as the pic above, and we got 2 loveseats and the matching table for our outdoor space.

The thing I love about Stori Modern is that they have this super chic, curated collection of outdoor furniture that's only avail online, so their prices are way more affordable. Also, everything is made in the good ole U S of A, which I also really dig. I can't wait to show you the pics so you can see how much our outdoor space was zhushed up. 

You're gonna be all...

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Another spot where I wanted to do some zhushing is our master bedroom, which is visible-ish from our main living/dining/kitchen area. Shocker of all shockers, the space is tiny (remember: our whole damn house is only 740sf). Here's a snippet of our bedroom, with my fave piece of vintage furniture I ever purchased from a Kelly Wearstler warehouse sale: this crazy, amazing leather bed. 


What do you do when you don't have enough room for a bedside table: you use a plant stand. At least I do.

Anyway, we also have the same white glossy floors in the bedroom that we do in our main room, but I really wanted a new rug in there. I needed a really hearty rug that could take a beating, as our dog spends a lot of time in there, and the dude is not really known for his cleanliness. Again my friends at Article came through with this Jota Sesame Ivory Rug


No joke: this Article rug is one of my favorite pieces from the ORC. As natural rugs have become more and more popular over the years, we're all now real familiar with what a typical jute rug looks like...and this is seriously the opposite of that. It's hard to see in the pic, but the tonal colors in this rug are bangin'--they're like a yummy, neutral rug lasagna. It's also way softer than a lot of jute rugs I've been up close and personal with. And since this rug is in our bedroom (where we're often barefoot), I wanted to make sure it felt good under our feet too. Truth time: I'm deeply in love with this mofo. 

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In addition to our sexy new rug, I added some ah-mazing pieces from Pom Pom At Home. I've been a big time fan of Pom Pom At Home since my last ORC, where I used their pillowcases in my guest house makeover. I love them so much because they have some really gorge, unique, luxurious pieces that can totally change the look of your space. Last week, I already shared my new fave pillow for my couch, this Montauk Body Pillow. I picked out this lovely coverlet (Brussels Walnut King Coverlet) for our bed. 


I also chose this Montauk King Blanket in indigo which I have been using both on our bed, and in our living room (on our accent chair). One of my biggest pet peeves is tiny little throws. These tiny throws look especially ridiculous on a king sized bed. So I was so thrilled to find an accent blanket like this one, that was actually sized for a larger, king bed. 

king_blanket_1024x1024 (1).jpg

And even though I've completely ditched boho in our house, I still love me some fringe. 

Another mini upgrade I wanted to make on our bedroom door (as well as the door to the bathroom and to Greg's office) was to switch out the door knobs with sexy new knobs from Emtek. I chose these Bern knobs in satin brass with a square rosette (they are shown below in satin nickel).


I honestly feel like these door knobs are sorta like door jewelry...and much like real jewelry, once you get a taste of the good stuff, there's no going back. Emtek: you have officially ruined me on regular door knobs forevs now. 

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Alright, bbs. Get ready for the BIG REVEAL next week!

I have one more major thing I need to do in my kitchen that I'm hoping is really going to transform the space...and that's goin down on Saturday. So as per uzsh: we're down to the wire here. But i'm confident I'm going to get it all done. I mean, I think I am. I mean, I AM, I AM. 

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Alrighty, so you know the drill by now: time to go check out what all my other ORC homies are up to. There are some other amazing makeovers goin' down. See you btchz next week for the final reveal! 

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