My Very Fave Curtain Trick

For my One Room Challenge makeover of our little guest house, I was able to rock one of my very favorite-y, fave curtain tricks of allllll time: hanging the curtains from the ceiling. 

We already had some shades on our windows, but our space was still not looking pulled together enough for me, and I knew that curtains were the way to go. I had been drooling over curtains from The Shade Store for eons, and lucky for me, they were one of the sponsors of the One Room Challenge. 

The beauty of the ceiling mount trick is that it draws your eyes up, and makes the room seem larger than it actually is. We have lowish ceilings in the guest house too, so I knew it was ceiling mount or bust in there. I never even considered using a rod. 

My first challenge was deciding which The Shade Store drapes I wanted to use in the space. I got a sense of all my options online, but I really wanted to go see (and feel!) the goods in person. So I headed over to their showroom in Pasadena and teamed up with one of their kickass designers Meghan. 

Their ripple fold drapes are really well suited to a ceiling mount, so I decided to go with those. I also knew that I wanted to keep the color palette in the space very gender neutral, as we rent out our guest house on airbnb and have all sorts of people in there all the time. So I decided to go with a natural linen. 

And if you have visions of hospital room curtains dancing in your head, feast your eyes on this gorgeousness:

 Image via  Bethany Nauert

Image via Bethany Nauert

Here's a before pic so that you can see how lame-o it was looking before: 

I honestly feel like we went from some 16-year-old Harry Styles obsessed teenagers room to a boutique hotel room. The space is all grown-up now. 

And in addition to looking ridiculously chic, the curtains also cover up an ugly eyesore in the corner of the room right next to the air conditioner.  

There's this crazy ugly tube that is attached to the AC unit that used to make me murder-y every time I saw. Now it's covered up by my sexy curtains. 

Another detail on the drapery that I'm crazy in love with is the brown stripe border. I was on the fence about whether on not I wanted to add it when I was picking out the fabric, but I am SO darn glad I did. 

Here's the thing: you know I love me a good bargain online or a crazy find from Home Goods. But there are certain things in your home that I think are totally worth investing in...and drapes like these are one of em. The fact that they are specifically customized for the room makes the space look about a billion times more baller. 

The Shade Store is def one of my new goto resources. If you need drapes, shades or blinds for your space, you must check them out pronto.