Meet The First Truly Stylish TV: The Samsung Frame

If there was such as a thing as a support group for Interior Designers, I'm pretty sure a topic that would come up every week would be: anyone have new ideas for hiding all the ugly TV's?

As a crazy addicted TV addict, and a designer who's been struggling with this issue for eons, I was so darn excited when I saw The Frame TV from Samsung. This mamma jamma is a serious game changer, folks. 

Truth time: In our family, we watch a lot of TV. But we also have a tiny house that we've spent loads of hours, energy, and effort decorating. However, I mostly just got used to the idea that if I wanted to catch up on a Bravo Real Housewives marathon in every room of our house, the big, bulky TV on the wall was going to have to be front and center. This didn't make me a happy camper, but also: I love me some Real Housewives. So I lived with it. Until now. 

Now I have Samsung's newly launched The Frame TV in my life, and much like riding first class in an airplane, there's no going back from here.  


The Frame is the most beautiful TV you've never seen. Instead of a big, hulking TV, The Frame looks like a chic piece of art hanging on your wall. Designed in collaboration with designer Yves Behar, the TV completely reinvents the idea of what we've come to think of when we think of a traditional TV set. Hanging flush against your wall, and switched on to "Art Mode" (which displays your choice of a number of different pieces of pre-loaded artwork), The Frame TV legit just looks like a lovely painting on your wall. You can even upload your own artwork, to create a fab gallery wall with all of your own photos. 

And along with the sleek design, The Frame uses a single Invisible Connection to connect with it's One Connect box, so you don't have all of those ugly, mismatched wires hanging around your TV. Oh, and did I mention that it's also a 4k UHD TV? Yep, it is. So the picture on the TV is crazy crisp and clear. 

The one room in our home that was TV-less was my husband's office. We hope to turn it more into a functional guest bedroom one day, but for now my husband, who's a video editor, does all of his work in there. As soon as we saw The Frame, we knew it would be perfect for the space as he could use both as a TV, as well as an additional monitor for his editing projects. 

Because of it's dual purpose, we needed to hang The Frame slightly lower on the wall so that it would be close to his eye level when he was sitting at his desk editing. Any normal TV would look a little ridiculous in this spot, but The Frame works perfectly. We decided to add some additional artwork around the TV to create a mini gallery wall in the space. 

Now Greg can sit at his desk and create his art collage videos with a big 55" 4K UHD screen. He's also using it for his latest hobby: creating synth music. And when he's not working, he lounges on the couch and catches up on his fave TV shows (which, spoiler alert: have nothing to do with the Real Housewives). 

The Frame TV from Samsung is now available in a 55" model for $1,999 or a 65" model for $2,799. You can find out way more about it on

This post was sponsored by Samsung, but all opinions about the products mentioned are me, myself, and mine. Thank you for supporting all of the rad brands that help to make things run around here.