Meet The First Truly Stylish TV: The Samsung Frame

If there was such as a thing as a support group for Interior Designers, I'm pretty sure a topic that would come up every week would be: anyone have new ideas for hiding all the ugly TV's?

As a crazy addicted TV addict, and a designer who's been struggling with this issue for eons, I was so darn excited when I saw The Frame TV from Samsung. This mamma jamma is a serious game changer, folks. 

Truth time: In our family, we watch a lot of TV. But we also have a tiny house that we've spent loads of hours, energy, and effort decorating. However, I mostly just got used to the idea that if I wanted to catch up on a Bravo Real Housewives marathon in every room of our house, the big, bulky TV on the wall was going to have to be front and center. This didn't make me a happy camper, but also: I love me some Real Housewives. So I lived with it. Until now. 

Now I have Samsung's newly launched The Frame TV in my life, and much like riding first class in an airplane, there's no going back from here.  


The Frame is the most beautiful TV you've never seen. Instead of a big, hulking TV, The Frame looks like a chic piece of art hanging on your wall. Designed in collaboration with designer Yves Behar, the TV completely reinvents the idea of what we've come to think of when we think of a traditional TV set. Hanging flush against your wall, and switched on to "Art Mode" (which displays your choice of a number of different pieces of pre-loaded artwork), The Frame TV legit just looks like a lovely painting on your wall. You can even upload your own artwork, to create a fab gallery wall with all of your own photos. 

And along with the sleek design, The Frame uses a single Invisible Connection to connect with it's One Connect box, so you don't have all of those ugly, mismatched wires hanging around your TV. Oh, and did I mention that it's also a 4k UHD TV? Yep, it is. So the picture on the TV is crazy crisp and clear. 

The one room in our home that was TV-less was my husband's office. We hope to turn it more into a functional guest bedroom one day, but for now my husband, who's a video editor, does all of his work in there. As soon as we saw The Frame, we knew it would be perfect for the space as he could use both as a TV, as well as an additional monitor for his editing projects. 

Because of it's dual purpose, we needed to hang The Frame slightly lower on the wall so that it would be close to his eye level when he was sitting at his desk editing. Any normal TV would look a little ridiculous in this spot, but The Frame works perfectly. We decided to add some additional artwork around the TV to create a mini gallery wall in the space. 

Now Greg can sit at his desk and create his art collage videos with a big 55" 4K UHD screen. He's also using it for his latest hobby: creating synth music. And when he's not working, he lounges on the couch and catches up on his fave TV shows (which, spoiler alert: have nothing to do with the Real Housewives). 

The Frame TV from Samsung is now available in a 55" model for $1,999 or a 65" model for $2,799. You can find out way more about it on

This post was sponsored by Samsung, but all opinions about the products mentioned are me, myself, and mine. Thank you for supporting all of the rad brands that help to make things run around here. 

My Very Fave Curtain Trick

For my One Room Challenge makeover of our little guest house, I was able to rock one of my very favorite-y, fave curtain tricks of allllll time: hanging the curtains from the ceiling. 

We already had some shades on our windows, but our space was still not looking pulled together enough for me, and I knew that curtains were the way to go. I had been drooling over curtains from The Shade Store for eons, and lucky for me, they were one of the sponsors of the One Room Challenge. 

The beauty of the ceiling mount trick is that it draws your eyes up, and makes the room seem larger than it actually is. We have lowish ceilings in the guest house too, so I knew it was ceiling mount or bust in there. I never even considered using a rod. 

My first challenge was deciding which The Shade Store drapes I wanted to use in the space. I got a sense of all my options online, but I really wanted to go see (and feel!) the goods in person. So I headed over to their showroom in Pasadena and teamed up with one of their kickass designers Meghan. 

Their ripple fold drapes are really well suited to a ceiling mount, so I decided to go with those. I also knew that I wanted to keep the color palette in the space very gender neutral, as we rent out our guest house on airbnb and have all sorts of people in there all the time. So I decided to go with a natural linen. 

And if you have visions of hospital room curtains dancing in your head, feast your eyes on this gorgeousness:

Image via Bethany Nauert

Image via Bethany Nauert

Here's a before pic so that you can see how lame-o it was looking before: 

I honestly feel like we went from some 16-year-old Harry Styles obsessed teenagers room to a boutique hotel room. The space is all grown-up now. 

And in addition to looking ridiculously chic, the curtains also cover up an ugly eyesore in the corner of the room right next to the air conditioner.  

There's this crazy ugly tube that is attached to the AC unit that used to make me murder-y every time I saw. Now it's covered up by my sexy curtains. 

Another detail on the drapery that I'm crazy in love with is the brown stripe border. I was on the fence about whether on not I wanted to add it when I was picking out the fabric, but I am SO darn glad I did. 

Here's the thing: you know I love me a good bargain online or a crazy find from Home Goods. But there are certain things in your home that I think are totally worth investing in...and drapes like these are one of em. The fact that they are specifically customized for the room makes the space look about a billion times more baller. 

The Shade Store is def one of my new goto resources. If you need drapes, shades or blinds for your space, you must check them out pronto. 

How I Deal With Laundry As An Airbnb Super Host (And a Laundry Room Makeover)

Whenever someone asks me about what it's like to be an Airbnb host, my first response is always: "you have no idea how much laundry is involved."

My husband Greg and I rent out our tiny little guest house in Los Angeles on Airbnb. After about 72 takes, here's a pic of our little family, including our senior Basset Hound Dudley.

Image via Dabito for The Jungalow

Image via Dabito for The Jungalow

And here's our little guest house! It's got a petite dining area: 

Image via Bethany Nauert

Image via Bethany Nauert

A little bedroom area: 

Image via Bethany Nauert

Image via Bethany Nauert

A full kitchen and a bathroom: 

Image via Bethany Nauert

Image via Bethany Nauert

And after about a year, I'm psyched to report that we are booked about 99% of the time. However, that also means that every two to three days, I've got a serious, no joke pile of laundry to tackle. In case you don't believe me, here's a list of all the things that I typically have to wash: 

+ Duvet cover
+ Flat sheet
+ Fitted sheet
+ Cotton blanket
+ King pillowcases (white and salmon)
+ Bath towels
+ Hand towels
+ Washcloths (white and black, which I provide for women to use when taking off their make-up)
+ Bath mat
+ Shower curtain liner
+ Kitchen towels

Needless to say, I've gotten *real* good at doing laundry. But it def comes with its own challenges too. We have blue fitted sheets and salmon colored pillowcases, so those can't be washed with the other white linens that get bleached. The black washcloths need to be washed separately from the white ones, and we have a bunch of different colorful kitchen towels which also need to be washed separately. 

And truth time: our current laundry sitch is really just not cutting it. Because not only am I dealing with a way higher volume of laundry than I ever have before, but I have this odd combo of whites/colors that I need to deal with that usually requires me to do the double amount of normal wash. This is big time annoying. 

For the last couple of months I've been fantasizing a lot about giving us a major laundry room upgrade. Which is why I went kinda bonkers when I first heard about the Samsung FlexWash + FlexDry machines. Basically, each one of these magical unicorn boxes feature two washers in one and two dryers in one. This means you can wash two loads at once (darks and lights, hot and cold) or dry two loads at once (normal and delicate).

So for example: when I am washing all the sheets (whites + colors) I can do two washes at the same time – one for each! And since the dryer has a huge bottom compartment, I can dry both washes together while starting another wash load of the towels. It's almost like a choose-your-own-adventure laundry sitch. And not only would this duo eliminate the need for back-to-back-to-back loads of laundry, I would also be able control them with their app on my smartphone – super handy if I need to be out running around. Anything I can control with an app on my phone, pretty much immediately gets my stamp of approval. 

This, of course, got me thinking about redesigning our whole laundry room from top to bottom. #Shocker. And since laundry is just about the un-sexiest thing there is, I decided I wanted to go for a super glam, black on gold style laundry room. I'm calling this my Vegas laundry room. And the FlexWash + FlexDry would fit right in.

I'm not sure when we'll be able to tackle this fantasy laundry room makeover, but I've already measured the room so we know how much tile to order...soooo it might be REAL soon. 

In the meantime, one of the best tips I have for any other Airbnb hosts is this: get THREE sets of everything. Not two...two isn't enough. Three sets gives you the freedom to not have to immediately dive into your laundry every single time someone checks out. Trust me, ppl: three is the magic number.

In the meantime, check out the FlexWash + FlexDry in action below: 

This post was sponsored by Samsung, but all opinions about the products mentioned are me, myself, and mine.