You guyzzzzzzzzz! It's week 6, which means: the One Room Challenge is ovah! And you know what else that means?? I have all sorts of yummy final pics to drop right on your faces. Like this: 

Image by Bethany Nauert

Image by Bethany Nauert


But before we get too deep into the final pics, let me remind you what this little guest house mofo of ours *used* to look like. 

Private_Guest_House__3-Tiered_Patio__Views_-_Guesthouse_for_Rent_in_Los_Angeles__California__United_States 7.jpg

After I first decorated the guest house a couple of years ago, I thought it was so baller...but now I think I must have been VERY VERY drunk. Look: it was was fine. But it was def not baller. 

As a reminder, when we started this whole ORC shebang, I shared with you that I wanted to re-imagine the space as a "cozy luxe" boutique hotel room. Now, if you're throwing up in your mouth a little bit right now after reading "cozy luxe" I soooo don't blame you. But I needed some way to describe this thang, and that's what I landed on. I really just wanted it to feel like a hip hotel, but also to feel a bit more layered and home-y. Do you want to punch me yet? 

As a reminder, there are a few main issues I was dealing with in this space that were kinda weird: 

+ The space is super duper tiny...and based on the layout (including location of windows, closet, etc), I could not change the floorplan of the space AT ALL. 
+ We Airbnb the guest house, so I needed to make decisions about decor and furniture that would take that into account (I.e. platform beds are cool, but older people can't easily get in and out of em). 
+ There were also a couple of pieces that I *had* to keep in there (like my blue banquette, because we use it for storage in the space. 
+ The guest house is haunted

Ok, TOTALLY kidding about the haunted thing. 

So let's dive into this makeover area by area...get ready for alllllll the juicy details. 

Image by Bethany Nauert

Image by Bethany Nauert

Image by Bethany Nauert

Image by Bethany Nauert

Here's the entrance to the guest house. You enter the property through a path right in front of that fence in the back of the pic. We have keypads at both doors (and we change the code to the last 4 digits of our guest's cell phone #'s each time they check in), so no one ever forgets their code. My husband Greg and I enter through another gate, so the space feels pretty private (even though our main house is right behind that wall directly across from the front we're just a few feet away). 

I did a crazy simple DIY and updated an Ikea doormat with some of the gorge trim I got from Fringe Market. 

Image by Bethany Nauert

Image by Bethany Nauert

I really, really wanted to change the color of the front door, BUT, I just didn't get it together. So we kept it yellow. 

When you enter the guest house, immediately to your left is the SEATING AREA

Image by Bethany Nauert

Image by Bethany Nauert

One of the biggest changes we made here was replacing the old lame-o French doors that were there with these gorge doors from Metrie. These Fashion Forward doors are avail in both the a glass and a solid version, but when I saw the glass version, I basically had to start breathing into a paper bag. And when you have gorge doors, you gotta add gorge hardware, which is where Emtek came in. Now, basically you walk through the entrance, see these doors,  and it's like KAPOW! 

Before the makeover, this space had more of a living room vibe. There was a coffee table there, and the blue banquette. So while you could sit and hang out in there, you couldn't really eat there. I decided that I wanted to turn it into a true dining space, so we ditched the coffee table and replaced it with a dining table. 

I had to keep the banquette, because the seats of the benches open up to reveal storage below. I store extra towels and linens in there, and I don't really have any other spots in the guest house for them, so the banquette wasn't goin' anywhere. Also, it happens to fit perfectly in that small corner.

Image by Bethany Nauert

Image by Bethany Nauert

But I wanted to make the banquette stand out a bit more, so I decided to add a bright, kind of out of the box wallpaper choice for me behind it....and I'm SO damn glad I did. I was crazy excited when I realized that New Wall was a sponsor of ORC, and after spending hours on their site staring at all their gorge papers, I decided on this pretty pony.  I wanted to go tone on tone with the color, and I love the explosion of blue in there now. 

The wallpaper was actually a "mural," which means it came in sections that all worked together as one piece of art. It wasn't quite big enough to cover both walls, so we hung it just in the space behind the banquette. I was worried it would look ridic, but we decided to go for it anyway. We left equi-distant space on each side of the mural, and I think it turned out fab. It was also a really good reminder that sometimes you've got to put on your big girl pants, and think outside of the box. 

I spent eons looking for the perfect light fixture for the space, and I finally found one at Crystorama. I love the white/brass combo and the fact that it's not too big or overpowering, but still provides a decent amount of light. 

Image by Bethany Nauert

Image by Bethany Nauert

I always try to have paper and pens around for our guests, so that they can make lists or take notes. I added a notebook and some supplies to a vintage basket to keep handy on the chic chrome side table.  I'm also deeply in love with this sisal rug, which brings even more of that pretty royal blue color into the space. 

Image by Bethany Nauert

Image by Bethany Nauert

These copper art ledge shelves from Minted are the perfect spot for us to display the guidebook we created for our Airbnb rental, some additional artwork, and some other LA resources we like to provide. 

Across from the seating area is the little KITCHEN: 

Image by Bethany Nauert

Image by Bethany Nauert

I didn't make a ton of changes in the kitchen as it was mostly brand new. Before we bought our house, this space just had a washer/dryer in it. We added the full kitchen back when we weren't sure this whole airbnb thing would work (now we pay our ENTIRE mortgage with our airbnb every month!). I added a graphic rug in here, as well as new butcher block island (both from The Mine). 

Image by Bethany Nauert

Image by Bethany Nauert

We always provide plenty of snacks, treats, and even packs of gum for our guests, which we keep in this vintage basket on top of the microwave. 

Through the pretty new doors, we move on to the BEDROOM AREA

Image by Bethany Nauert

Image by Bethany Nauert

Get yo self into the bedroom! (Mind outta the gutter...I mean that in the least naughty way possible, fyizers). Remember: we couldn't change the floorplan of the bedroom at all, but I still wanted to completely change the look of the space. Enter wallpaper numero dos. 

Image by Bethany Nauert

Image by Bethany Nauert

I decided to go more neutral in the bedroom area, and so I chose a rich grasscloth wallpaper from All Modern. Originally, I was just going to paper the wall behind the bed, but once I stood back, I realized that also papering the little niche on the side of the closet would visually pull the space together in a srsly fab way. 

Image by Bethany Nauert

Image by Bethany Nauert

Uhm, do you see that gorge flush mount light from Bellacor? I've already asked it to marry me, and it said YES! I had to find a great flush mount light for the bedroom area, because I didn't want anything hanging down from the ceiling and blocking the TV on the opposite wall. Paired with the sexy sconces from Lamps Plus, the lighting in this area adds a serious pop of glam. 

The other thing I wanted to go ALL in on, was making sure that the bed was seriously, no joke yummy. The mattress is amazeballs in there as it used to be our mattress (before I fell in love with a bed at a Kelly Wearstler warehouse sale that was a King instead of a Cal King). But I feel like the bed looks so gorgeously layered and textured with all the kickass linens from both Annie Selke and Candelabra. I also wanted a dramatic bed with a statement headboard (and I only like upholstered headboards cause I want to be able to lean back and be comfy) soon as I saw this baby on All Modern, I was hooked on phonics. I imagine all of our future guests will pretty much just be doing this at all times:

Across from the bed is the TV, and we swapped in a narrow console underneath where I have a few fun vintage pieces displayed along with some books. I also have a luggage rack next to the console, so guests can easily story their suitcases there if they'd like. 

Image by Bethany Nauert

Image by Bethany Nauert

I think one of the biggest changes in the bedroom space, is the addition of the chic drapes from The Shade Store. I think it honestly completely changes the look of the space. I wanted to mount the drapes from the ceiling, because the ceilings are kinda low in there, and I wanted to make the space feel a bit more expansive. And even though we already had shades on the windows, the drapes definitely change the game cause they totally block out all the light. 

Image by Bethany Nauert

Image by Bethany Nauert

Here's a view of the space from the other side of the room (in front of the windows). Before the makeover, the closet had no doors (as we had those lame-o mirrored sliding doors and I hated them so much I ripped them off). Adding doors, hardware, and zhushing up the closet with art, a rug, and a sexy new light is such a killer upgrade. I put some pretty vintage baskets in there for the pics, but I will likely take those out so that people have more room to put there stuff in there. 

Image by Bethany Nauert

Image by Bethany Nauert

And last, but not least, we've got the BATHROOM: 

Image by Bethany Nauert

Image by Bethany Nauert

I wasn't ready to go bold with my paint color throughout the entire space, but I knew I could have some fun in the bathroom. I've fallen truly, madly, deeply in love with this Inchyra Blue color from Farrow & Ball. Is it blue? is it green? I don't really give a rat's ass...whatever it is, I love it long time. 

Again, my whole goal in the bathroom is to make it a space that works well for our guests. So there are plenty of extra towels, baskets under the sink with extra toilet paper, drawers in the vanity to keep your toiletries and make-up. I even provide black washcloths (along with white!) so women can easily take off their make-up without worrying about staining anything. 

Here's a view of the other side of the bathroom where the shower is. Annnd, here's one last pic, cause you know I can't help myself from gettin Dudley's furry ass in here: 

Phew! That's it, babes! So I wanna know: 
+ WTH do you think? Do you love? Do you hate? 
+ Do you have any questions about anything that I didn't cover? 
+ Do you wanna know more about being an Airbnb host and all of my tips/tricks? (we're Super Hosts, by the way!).

Tell me below in the comments. 

Of course I wanted to make sure to share every single source with you, so I've broken it alllll down right here: 

+ Lippa Wood & Gloss Dining Table, The Mine, $352.63
+ Coventry Storage Banquette, Ballard Designs, price varies
+ Copper Arftul Shelves (2'), Minted, $85/ea
+ Glass Side Table, The Mine, $195
+ Justina Blakeney pillow, Candelabra, $99
+ Pillows, Indiebungalow, price varies
+ Luna 4-Light White & Gold Sphere Mini Chandelier, Crystorama
+ Lady painting, Etsy (purchased years ago)
+ Blue abstract watercolor, vintage
+ Lamp, vintage
+ Tres Tintas Barcelona, Poseidonia Wallpaper, New Wall, $1060
+ Melancolia Print by Catilustre (20" x 16"), Minted, $67
+ Marco Navy Jute Soumak Woven Rug (5' x 8'), Annie Selke's Dash & Albert, $454
+ Wood fruit & bowl, vintage
+ Fashion Forward Clear Glass interior doors, Metrie
+ Bern Door Knob/Square Barrel Hinge (Satin Nickel), Emtek
+ Wimborne White, Farrow & Ball

+ Roast Chicken Print by Elliott Stokes (8" x 10" framed), Minted, $48
+ French Country Square Butcher's Block island, The Mine, $373
+ Nuloom Barry Area Rug (4x6), The Mine, $64
+ Wimborne White, Farrow & Ball
+ Zodiac 6-Light Polished Nickel Ceiling Mount Light Fixture, Crystorama
+ Cutting board, Home Goods
+ Wimborne White, Farrow & Ball

+ Raw Grasscloth Wallpaper, All Modern, $3.48/sf
+ Highline by Rachael Ray Upholstered Bed (Cal King), All Modern, $1,155
+ Joaquin 1-Drawer Nightstand, All Modern, $381.99
+ Jonathan Adler Havana sconces, Lamps Plus (similar), $173
+ Corbett Helios LED Flush Mount Light fixture, Bellacor, $846
+ Rosette Quilt in Indigo Cotton (King), Candelabra, $329
+ Flax Linen Fitted Sheet (King), Candelabra, $287.50
+ Layla King Pillowcases (Taupe), Candelabra, $207
+ Kerala Spice Matelasse Coverlet (King), Annie Selke's Pine Cone Hill, $340
+ Anatolia Linen Throw, Annie Selke's Pine Cone Hill, $398
+ Vintage textile &  pillows, Erica Reitman Design, Etsy (customized with Fringe Market trim)
+ Petris Stacked Leg Console, The Mine, $701.80
+ Reese Luggage Rack with shelf, The Mine, $47.10
+ Sheepskin, Cowboy Kate, prices vary
+ Emperor Print by Moglea (11" x 14"), Minted, $44
+ Walnut Side Chair, Bellacor (no longer avail, here is a similar one)
+ Hide rug, vintage
+ Black & white art, vintage
+ brass foot (on bedside table), Kelly Wearstler (no longer available)
+ Liza Tapered Full length mirror, Urban Outfitters, $129
+ Bulb/Dimmer Remote Kit, Philips Hue, $34.99
+  Ripple Fold Drapery (oatmeal), The Shade Store (mounted to the ceiling)
+ Blinds, Lowes
+ Wimborne White, Farrow & Ball

+ Very Square 4-Panel Doors (installed as bypass closet doors), Metrie
+ 12" Cabinet Pulls (Satin Nickel), Emtek
+ Rubbed Bronze Pendant, Bellacor, $89.99
+ Tapestry, vintage
+ Kathy Ireland Paradise Garden Runner Rug in closet, The Mine, $115.50
+ Stormy Palms Print by Kamala Nahas (16" x 16"), Minted, $64
+ Bulb/Dimmer Remote Kit, Philips Hue, $34.99
+ Wimborne White, Farrow & Ball

+ Inchyra Blue, Farrow & Ball
+ Very Square 4-Panel door, Metrie
+ Bern Door Knob/Square Barrel Hinge (Satin Nickel), Emtek
+ Waterloo Wall Mirror, The Mine, $163.20
+ Luna 1-Light Bronze & Gold Chandelier (above sink), Crystorama
+ Ollie Storage Shelf With Mirror (for towels), The Mine, $78.99
+ Concord Towel Bar, The Mine, $51.97
+ Basket hamper, vintage
+ Bulb/Dimmer Remote Kit, Philips Hue, $34.99
+ Large artwork, Sketch42
+ Blinds, Lowes

+ Eero wifi system
+ Ikea doormat with Jute/bead trim from Fringe Market
+ All pics via Bethany Nauert

Ok, this was fun-n-all, but now you gotta go check out all the other final reveals! I've seen some previews and this has gotta be one of the most epic One Room Challenge groups I've ever seen! I'm so incredibly grateful to Linda for including me in this round, and psyched to be amongst so many other rockstars. 

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**I received products from the sponsors mentioned in this post for inclusion in my One Room Challenge makeover, however, all opinions are my own. We had choices about which brands we chose to work with, and all of the brands I chose were on my list because I truly do love em. 


Annnnd, here we are at week five of the One Room Challenge! Whoa! If you wanna catch up, here's: week one / week two / week three / week four.  

I've laughed...I've cried. But lately, this is what I've taken to reciting to myself e-v-e-r-y day: 

I need all the encouragement I can get right now, ppl. All of it. But I'm happy to report, I'm real close to the finish line!

This week was all about taking care of the last few details to pull the guest house together. Here are some of the highlights: 

+ We had our gorgeous Metrie doors (with our baller Emtek door knobs and hardware) installed. Painting these mamma jamma's was no joke, but they look so epic it burns my eyes. Again, this is my first ride on the sexy door and sexy hardware train, and now I don't wanna EVER get off. I look at the doors/door hardware in our main house now, and I throw up a little bit in my mouth. 

+ We installed our brand new Eero wifi system. Talk about a game-changer! We went from having spotty wifi in our guest house, to a connection that is so fast, a teenager illegally downloading pirated video games would be impressed. My husband Greg is gonna tell you all about it below cause he's tech support around here. 

+ I got some DIY projects done. Now if you know me at all, you know that my version of DIY could verrrry generously be called "remedial." And I mean: real generously. But one of my fave sponsors for ORC is this rad little company called Fringe Market. And as soon as I saw all of their amazeballs fringe, tassels, and trims, I knew that I had to get my DIY on pronto. Well, at least a little bit. 

This is our doormat, that I DIY'd with some of their bead trim and weatherproof tape. I'm kind of in love with it.

I'm going to show you some more Fringe Market fabulousness next week, cause uhm...feast your eyes on this: 


This week I also wanted to share some of the choices/upgrades I made specifically because we rent our place out on Airbnb. And just as a reminder: WE PAY OUR WHOLE DAMN MORTGAGE WITH AIRBNB, so I'm a giganto fan for any of you who are thinking of doing it. 

My basic approach with the space is that I want to go crazy overboard to make sure everyone who stays here has an amazing time. In fact, truth time: I go crazy overboard in most areas of my life: if I invite you over for dinner, expect a spread. If we go shopping at the flea, my granny cart is usually overflowing. And if I'm ranting in the morn during my morning Insta story catch-up, expect me to get my FULL ON rant on. 

So there were quite a few decisions that I made specifically with the idea that this is an Airbnb space in mind. 

+ Hue light bulb/remote kits - I talked about these Hue dimmer/remote kits last week, but I just gotta tell you again: these things are friggin ah-mazing. We added them under each of our Jonathan Adler Havana sconces from Lamps Plus. These have a switch on the lamp, but since they are a bit higher up, I wanted to make sure our guests could access them from bed. We also used them in both the closet and our bathroom in spots that had previous lights with pull chains. Sidenote: WHY are there lights with pull chains? Can we all just agree to never use those mofos again?? K, thx, bai. 

+ I gave our closet an upgrade - Now I couldn't afford to create a fully customized closet in there. BUT, I still wanted to make sure that the closet looked chic as it's a space that every single guest will def be using. Our closet didn't have any closet doors on them, and now that's been fixed big time thanks to Metrie and Emtek. But I also decided to use a chic runner from The Mine on the floor. And I added some pretty Art from Minted too. But my fave addition is this 251 light fixture from Bellacor. Just a friendly reminder, you can decorate your closets too, ppl!

I'm also working on some fun, guesty upgrades for the bathroom, so stay tuned for those next week. You know what else is next week!? THE FINAL REVEAL!

You're gonna see pics, sources and links for every single thing I used in the whole darn space! 

Ok, here's Greg with scoop on our Eero system: 


I gotta say, I was a bit hesitant to take on this project at first. The thought of disconnecting every single ethernet cable and multiple tangled chords was enough to throw me into a anxiety tizzy. But our internet has been super slow over the past few months, so we needed to up our game. Stat.

I had heard incredible things from a few of my friends who raved about the product. I was psyched that EERO teamed up with us for this makeover, cause we were ready to enter the big leagues. We have quite a few pieces of tech which relies solely on our WIFI network to function. Our Smart TV, Sonos Speakers, Ring Doorbell, Apple TV and all of our Philips Hue lighting.

Setup was a breeze. First I was instructed to download an app and set up my network. This took about 5 seconds. The interface was super clean and intuitive. A few clicks and we were ready to rock. After connecting the main EERO to the modem we were online in about 10 seconds. We also had additional EERO’s we placed around our home which serves as access points so we got top notch speeds no matter how far we were away from the main hub. 

One of my favorite things about the EERO is the app. You have the ability to set up family profiles and guest access with their own username and password. The other cool feature is having the ability to monitor and set timers on accessing the internet. So IN THEORY I could set up a profile for Erica and turn off her Internet access whenever I wanted all through the app. (which may or may not have happened last week). [ED NOTE: SOOOO NOT COOL, DUDE].

All in all, a HUGE thumbs up for EERO.

Don't forget to hit up all the other ORCers to see what they're up to this week! 

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We've made it to the one month mark on our One Room Challenge-palooza!! In case you need to catch up, here's: Week One // Week Two // and Week Three.

This week, I'm catching you bbs up on some uber cool details in our Guest House refresh. Feast your eyes on this mood boardy board: 

Here's where you can get alllll this rad stuff:

+ Fashion Forward Glass Doors, Metrie
Ripple Fold Drapery, The Shade Store
Pine Cone Hill Anatolia Linen Throw, Annie Selke
Pine Cone Hill Kerala Spice Matelasse Coverlet, Annie Selke
Bern Knob in Satin Nickel, Emtek
Vintage Textile Pillow, [similar] Indiebungalow
+ Emperor by Moglea print, Minted


Let's start with the drapery...cause I love it so much I might ask it to marry me. As you might remember, one of the walls in the tiny guest house has a couple of small windows on it. We have some existing blinds on there, so I wanted to focus on making the space feel a bit more dramatic and va, va, voom. 

I'm still going for that cool, boutique hotel vibe, so I wanted to mount the drapery from the ceiling for a more modern look. Also, the ceilings in this joint are pretty darn low, so I thought mounting the drapes from the ceiling would bring the eyes up a bit. 

And it soooo worked! I chose the ripple fold drapes and included a brown edge to pick up some other colors in the room. Best of all, if you look up in the corner you can see our AC unit...there was this ugly ass tube coming out of it that we managed to hide by mounting the drapes an inch or so forward from where we normally might have. Now that thing-a-majig is entirely covered up. 

Do you like that boob light?? I BET YOU DO.

Anyway, now that these drapes from The Shade Store are up, the room is pulled together in a way that I never even coulda imagined it would be. It's BALLER. I can't wait to show you guys the non-horrible, properly lit pics that are not taken on my dumb phone.  Also: I kinda don't ever want to use a curtain rod again: I'm now all in on the celing mount. 


Another giant change that I know will blow my mind, is the switch-out of all the doors in the guest house. Truth time: I've never had nice doors before. In fact, I hadn't paid a whole lot of attention to doors in the past...but now that I've met Metrie, I'm afraid I've been ruined forever. 

As a refresher, these are the french doors that are currently in the guest house: 

Meh. Ok. Whatever. But we're now going to replace those with these sexy babes: 

And I choose the Very Square 4-Panel Doors to use on our closet, as well as the bathroom. 

These have all now been painted with Farrow & Ball's Wimborne White and are ready to be hung...that's goin' down next week and I'm basically counting the milliseconds. 

Also, now that we're gonna have supa fly, fresh doors in there, I couldn't exactly throw on any ole door knob. So I chose these Bern knobs from Emtek.

Gorge, right??? Again: I'm not well versed in the language of doors, but I swear: when I opened the box and saw these babies for the first time I realized I've been doing it ALL WRONG so far in life. I'm pairing them with new Emtek hinges as well and I know that the whole combo is just gonna be like KAPOW!


The lighting sitch in the guest house was rough...and I mean REAL rough. Not only were there boob lights for days in there, but they were throw up in bizarro spots all over the joint. I almost feel like the last people who lived here blindfolded themselves, spun around, and then just installed lights wherever they were pointing on the ceiling.

But those days are gonna be gone RULL soon as soon as we get our new fixtures up. Here's what's going in: 

In the bathroom, we're putting this Luna 1 light bronze and gold mini chandelier from Crystorama

We need to do a flush mount light in the bedroom area, as I didn't want a pendant to hang down and potentially block the view of the TV (PRIORITIES, PPL). So we chose this Corbett Helios LED flush mount from Bellacor

I wanted to do two sconces on the side of the bed, and so I went with these Jonathan Adler Havana swing arm sconces from Lamps Plus. UNFORTCH, these aren't avail right now, but here are similar ones if you like the look. 

A couple of the existing lights in our guest house were those janky ones where you have to pull a chain to turn it on. And I wanted to avoid having to call an electrician to switch em up, so we came up with a crazy easy genius solution that was cheapo as can be: this Philips Hue dimming kit that comes with an on/off switch that you literally just stick to your wall! We are adding these for the sconce lights as well next to the bed because they are up a bit high and I want to make sure people can turn the lights on/off while they are in bed. They are only $34.99/ea, which is waaaay the heck cheaper than it would have been to hire an electrician. 

Ok, phew! That's it for this week. Next week I'm putting the final touches on everything, hanging up all the art, and then getting ready for the big reveal. If you want to sign up for my super fun, secret weekly ORC video confessional, you'll get to see some ranting, previews of the space, and lots of other rando commentary. 

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