Do you have just a few simple design questions you need help with? Are you on a limited budget? Cool, cause I created this service just for you: Ask Erica

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Get 3 of your most burning design questions answered


I get it: not everyone needs to hire an interior designer to help pull their space together. Sometimes you *just* have to figure out a few quick solutions to make some magic happen.  

I will answer 3 of your most burning design questions and help you finally GET SHIT DONE

+ Have you had 5 diff rugs in your online shopping cart for 2 months because you just can't pull the trigger and decide which one will look the most baller in your space?

+ Have you ever started crying while standing in front of a wall of paint swatches at Home Depot? Trust're not alone. 

+ Were you super duper proud of yourself that you FINALLY picked out a damn piece of art, but then you got to the frame shop and you had to deal with mats, and frames, and glass or plastic and so you left, drove to Wendy's, and drowned your sorrows in a Frosty?

+ Do you want some kickass luxe sheets for your bedroom, but the prospect of spending 7 hours researching which ones are the best thread for your space and all that other crap makes you want to punch a kitten?

+ It might be time for you to just Ask Erica, yo: 

     1. Click that little ole "I wanna ask Erica" button below and purchase your question pack. 
     2. Send along your 3 questions via email. Include pics and/or as much detail as you'd like.
     3. Within 48 hours I will send you back all my answers. 
     4. You throw on some gangsta rap, make some decisions, and then BOOM: you're not stuck anymore. 

Doing nothing really sucks. Click below to get started.