I've cracked the code & figured out step-by-step, crazy simple design hacks you can use to take your space from meh to zomgz

Can you relate to any of this?


pinterest...UH, NOW WHAT?

You aimlessly scroll through your Pinterest feed pinning images to all of your beautifully organized boards, but you still have no earthly clue where to start? 


You find DIY projects that you might like to try, but after reading the directions and looking at the supply list, all you want to do is crawl into bed, pop open some cheetos, and watch a Real Housewives maratahon?



You moved into your place [insert embarrassingly high # of months ago] and you *still* haven't managed to decorate your living room/bedroom/S&M Dungeon*? *Kidding about the S&M Dungeon

Wouldn't it be killer if you felt excited every time you walked through your front door? Design doesn't have to be so hard. 

I've got the answer to e-v-e-r-y design problem you have. Also, if you get on my list we can be besties.  

I was so focused on my business and my day-to-day that I didn’t realize my own office was actually holding me back! Erica took my space (and me!) from a hot mess to a hot-freaking-yes in a matter of days and it has made a critical difference both in my productivity and my level of inspiration in my work.
— Tiffany Han, Business Coach & Podcast Host

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